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Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Travel

I’ve been lucky enough to travel frequently, and most travel locations require some serious walking. I’m asked often what are my tried-and-true best women’s walking shoes for travel. I’m sharing my list of the absolute best travel shoes for women to walk the world in style and comfort!

When we saved and saved and took our first European trip to England and France, I tried to squeeze in everything I could to see, thinking it would be my only chance to travel. Oh, how lucky I have been since then to have opportunities to travel often! I love sharing our travel guides, but the number one question I get asked about travel by far is what are the best women’s walking shoes for travel, and what brands of cute travel shoes do I recommend.

Travel Walking Shoes for Women

At one point in my life, I wore a Fitbit religiously every day. I really loved monitoring my steps and miles walked, particularly on trips. I’ve had shoes I’ve literally put over a thousand miles on. I’ve had shoes I thought would be comfortable travel shoes for women that haven’t made the grade, and I’ve had one pair I will hoard my entire life I love so much and definitely deem the best women’s walking shoes for travel!

I’m so excited to share the pairs that have been packed time and time again. The pairs that have seen hiking trails in Peru to explore the Incan ruins. The pairs that have walked 15 mile days at Disneyland, the pairs that have seen Europe and back again and again. I believe in trying to not look like a tourist with just your basic tennis shoes (although no hate to those who go with it!), and comfortable travel shoes that are still stylish are a must for me!

Here are my favorite cute travel shoes that I swear by! They are all price points, but I swear they all hold up amazing and are worth every penny!

Ultimate list of tried and true women's walking shoes for travel

The Best Women’s Walking Shoes for Travel:
Stylish Travel Shoes for women

  1. Vince
    I found these by recommendation of a friend who was pregnant with triplets. I complimented her cute shoes and asked about them and she bluntly told me these are not cheap shoes, but carrying triplets merited shoes like these. She swore up and down they were the best purchase, even at a steep price point. I got really lucky and found them at Last Chance (which is in Arizona and holds Nordstrom returns that can’t be sold at about a quarter of their price), and still felt a little sting paying almost $50 used. You guys, these shoes are everything! So much so that I’ve since purchased a second pair at full price. I could easily post picture after picture of me wearing these shoes as I travel and for everyday mom life. They have had so many miles put on them and they never blister, wear out, or feel uncomfortable. I generally pack two pairs of comfortable travel shoes just to give my feet a break from day to day, but these are the only pair I’ve found feel comfortable day after day with no variation needed.Best walking shoes for Disneyland
    Worth every penny, come in 5 colors, and once you spend a week breaking them in, they will be the most comfortable pair of shoes you can own. I mean they are my #1 best women’s walking shoes for travel, and the most comfortable cute pair I own! Just one note- you do need to break them in, so get them a few weeks before your trip!The best shoes to pack for a trip to Europe
  1. Sperry Top Sliders
    These take second place for the most traveled shoe. I love that they are boat shoes designed to get wet. Whatever comes their way weather wise or other, they hold up like a charm. The thick sole makes them so lovely to walk on cobblestones and rough terrain in remote areas and ancient cities. The leather top makes them work so well once broken in for long-term walking. My one warning is to pack one other pair of lighter shoes to alternate, your feet may need a break from the heavy souls when you go out at night. They are great day-to-day, but a few hours with another pair just makes them perfect without rubbing anywhere too much. I love to pair these cute travel shoes with…Visiting La Sagrada Familia with a baby.

    The Best Travel Shoes

  2. Toms classics or sneakers
    The classic Toms shoes were so big a few years ago, and are definitely still around. But I love that Toms makes comfortable shoes travel shoes for women that have other styles as well. I haven’t owned a pair that didn’t work fantastically! My classic chambray pair has come to Europe more than once.
    My classics are also something I love to pack for easy use. The classics are a little lighter on the bottom and a little less comfortable for cobblestone streets (I’m looking at you Rome), but they are excellent for regular roads and for alternating between heavier pairs of shoes.Best shoes to take to Europe
  1. Suade Loafers/Mocs
    This was another Last Chance find I took a gamble on and fell so in love with I brought with us on our trip to Spain. I wore them almost every single day and my feet thanked me! Sam Edelman makes wonderful flats, but for me, they don’t quite have enough support to classify as comfortable travel shoes for women. The moccasins, however, have a softer suede top and a heavier bottom with more cushioning. I felt plenty of support, plenty of comfort, and they went with every single outfit I brought making packing even lighter and easier.
  1. Converse All Stars
    What can I say, these have been popular for decades for a reason! They are lightweight enough that you won’t feel weighed down. They are cute travel shoes that go with casual outfits effortlessly, and they come in so many colors it’s easy to find the perfect pair for you! I love wearing these to amusement parks for rides you’re nervous about shoes falling off, and I’ve worn them treking through Washington D.C. with ease on hot humid days with miles or walking and biking.
  2. Vans slip-ons or sneakers
    I give Vans the same rating at Converse. They have the same benefits too: Lightweight and fun colors that make them cute travel shoes while still staying on no matter what your activity may be.The best women's walking shoes to travel with
  3. Born Boots and Shoes
    If rain is in the forecast, a pair of Comfort leather boots will be your best friend. We took a babymoon to Italy and found it rained most days we were there. My The moccasins were a life-saver! They kept my feet dry and warm, they offered so much support while walking through uneven roads in Rome, and my pregnant body really thanked me for packing such comfortable travel shoes while logging so many miles.

    The Best Travel Sandals

  4. Saltwater Sandals
    If you need a sandal option, Saltwaters are an excellent way to go. I love that they are leather, they are meant for wet and dry terrain, and they dry quickly and easily. My red pair always gets compliments, and they offer a lot of support for a pair of sandals. I don’t think I’d trek all of Europe in these, but if I was touring a coast or alternating walking shoes for travel with beach or water activities, these are 100% my go-to sandals!The most comfortable women's walking shoes for travel
  5. FitFlops Sneakers/Slides/Pretty Much Anything
    I just found this brand last year, and I bought a pair for our Europe trip. I almost died when I first walked around the store, I felt like I was literally wearing pillows! My mom has varicose veins and sciatic nerve problems, and I ended up gifting my pair to her knowing they were the most comfortable shoes I had ever slipped on my feet. She’s a saint who teaches every day and is on her feet. She deserved them! I just bought a pair of sneakers for myself again, and I’m so in love! FitFlops makes everything so soft, these are shoes made for walking, and they come in so many cute styles! We’re talking sneakers, flats, sandals, slides, just a lot of options to look really cute while staying super comfortable walking.

My other FAQ’s about the best women’s walking shoes for travel:

  1. Buy them early and break them in! Wear them on at least one adventure to make sure they will be comfortable!
  2. Plan on two pairs, it’s so great to alternate a more sturdy solid pair with a light pair, your feet will thank you.
  3. I’ve recommended a few spendy options, but I’ve found they really get the job done! I’ve taken most of these on several trips and their cost-per-wear over the years has so added up.
  4. You can always do basic sneakers and running shoes, but nothing screams tourist quite like them. Treat yourself to a nice pair of shoes that will go great with your stylish travel outfits.
  5. Buy from a quality place that will let you return them if anything is wrong. If you invest, they should really look amazing and last!
  6. Darker colors hide dirt better, and all that walking adds up to a lot of dirt! Feel free to buy what you love, but when investing in the best walking shoes for travel, I’m all about shoes that will look great the whole trip!

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  1. What shoe would be best for an overweight woman with arthritis in knees and ankles, wanting to go on a trip to Poland! I will get shots in knees and ankles but still need to have a good stable shoe! Thanks for any input!

    1. fridaywereinlove says:

      I’m so sorry you are dealing with arthritis in your knees and ankles! My mom has the same, and she adores the fitflop shoes and I just talked her into the Vince shoes too and she’s in love!
      I think you would love either! Also, if you haven’t tried Sofft brand, I would try those. She loves her Sofft sandals a lot!