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BMW Museum Munich Germany

The BMW Museum in Munich Germany is one of the most fun and free experiences you can have in Munich! There’s plenty to do and see for kids and adults. Here’s our experience with this family-friendly travel spot and tips for visiting the BMW Museum Munich.

Location: BMW Museum Munich, Germany
Cost: Free to visit
Time: Depending how big of car fanatics you are, but probably 1-2 hours is ideal
Website: BMW Museum Website
Tip: Check the time restaurants and exhibit areas are open. We went in the evening and found a lot was closed. It’s probably better to plan on going during normal business hours if you want to see and do everything.

BMW Museum travel guide

The BMW Museum

I knew my engineer husband and car-loving toddler would go crazy over the BMW museum, which is exactly why made sure to add this to our Munich travel agenda pretty quickly! It’s a place you can pick up a custom order, a place you can enjoy a nice dinner from really inexpensive to really fancy, and a place you can check out the latest BMW vehicles and technology.

After spending the morning and afternoon at the Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, we were happy to be reunited with our little guy and happy to do go do something a little lighter and more modern. We found most restaurants were closed in the later hours, but we managed to eat a truly amazing meal at one of the nicer locations on the top floor.

Eat at the BMW Museum Dining in Munich Germany

BMW Museum Germany

After dinner we were excited to go explore and check out the latest vehicles. Our little guy absolutely loved “riding” motorcycles and pretending to test-drive each.

Family Friendly Munich travel guide Taking kids to the BMW Museum.

We walked from floor to floor looking at new car models and reading information on BMW history (it is the BMW Museum after all). It was also really fun to find some historical vehicles and read the history on them.

Perhaps my funniest moment was our toddler running up to this car, breaking through the ropes while we chased after him to try to stop him, and hearing him yell “BUT I WANT TO SEE GUIDO!” He’s a Cars fan, and this car apparently reminded him so much of the character Guido he just had to meet him in real life.

Visiting the BMW Museum.

He’s also obsessed with green, so every single green car was one he needed to examine.

BMW Museum in Munich Germany.

Luckily he was pretty happy to stop and read engine and design information with his dad too. Jacob grew up with a dad who owned a body shop. He’s a pretty big car fan. Combined with that electrical engineer degree, he was definitely in heaven reading and learning all he could.

What you\'ll see at the BMW Museum.

We learned a lot about future technology, we had fun driving simulators, and even with the kids center closed for the night, we found this to be a really family-friendly Munich Germany activity that we all really enjoyed.

BMW Museum Tour

Our little man had about the biggest fit of his life when we pulled him away and headed back to our hotel for the night. As much as you may roll your eyes in those parenting moments, it also made me smile to know we’d chosen a family friendly Germany travel activity that he genuinely loved so much he didn’t want to be ripped away from.

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