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Fun Things to Do While Pregnant: Date Ideas While You’re Expecting!

It’s such a great idea to date your partner when you’re expecting and get out before the baby comes. But sometimes tired, sick pregnant bodies need more consideration when planning a date night. Here are 12 date ideas to do while you’re expecting with plenty of safe and fun things to do while pregnant!

Date Ideas While You’re Expecting: Fun Things to Do While Pregnant

It’s no secret that pregnancy can be rough on the old body. By the end of the last trimester, everyone seems to encourage couples to get out and go on dates before the baby comes. But sometimes finding activities that work when you’re exhausted, swollen, and it’s hard to climb a flight of stairs without feeling winded can be a real challenge. Fun things to do while pregnant can often feel a bit limited!

As I experience my third trimester and all the discomforts it brings, my mind is still on date night. We’re still focusing on the fun things to do with your husband while pregnant. I figured it was a great time to brainstorm date ideas that sound good to me, and I know I’ll be just fine and completely comfortable doing while feeling extremely pregnant.

Dating pregnant: Date night ideas when you're expecting

Date Ideas You Can Do While Pregnant


  1. Head to the movies. It’s harder to get there when you can’t leave a baby for more than two hours, and it’s something you’ll enjoy kicking back and relaxing doing. Bonus points if you can reserve seats at a recliner-equipped theater to keep your feet up! Check out Fandango, it’s pretty easy to find one in most areas.
  2. Indulge in your cravings. Are you loving ice cream? Are French fries completely your jam right now? Spend a night indulging in a few of your cravings and head to those places before it gets a little harder to get out the door with a newborn.
  3. Find a semi-formal fancy restaurant and celebrate one of your last nights as two- or before another child comes along. Fancier restaurants that don’t welcome children will be a hard thing to get to that first year of baby. And even if you can get there, you may just want to sleep instead! Head out for one big night in your last month to enjoy some quality time and a really great meal.Pregnant Dating: date ideas when you're pregnant

    Date Night When Pregnant

  4. Get a couple’s massage.
    Is there anything better than helping your swollen body gain some circulation while spending some connecting time with your spouse? This is one splurge date so worth treating yourself to! I may add of the fun things to do while pregnant, this may be the very top of the list!
  5. Attend a paint night class together. You can prop your feet up, enjoy an artist night making a mess you won’t have to clean up, and you have all night to enjoy without having to rush home.
  6. Get a couple’s pedicure.
    You may not see your feet anymore, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there and couldn’t use some love and attention! Help yourself feel better by having your nails done, and let your partner get their toes cleaned and massaged as well.
  7. Watch a series of TED talks together and talk about new ideas and concepts. You’re going to be so tired and feel so interrupted here soon, enjoy a night you can sit with your feet up and have some quiet time for two.

    Pregnant Dating

  8. Spend a night away at a staycation.
    Take a night off from cooking and cleaning. If you have kids get a sitter so you can sleep in one last time and rest before the big day. Enjoy all the pillows someone else has for one fun night.
  9. Get a jigsaw puzzle and try to complete it all in one night. You’ll love finding something you do to mix things up while keeping feet propped and a bathroom nearby. Not to mention it’s a super cheap date (or totally free) if you’re feeling the pinch of the new baby expenses.
  10. Get organized for baby.
    It’s amazing how even if you have kids and do laundry load after laundry load, how the tiny little baby items washed and put together can feel so magical and exciting. If you need to set up a crib this is a great time to do it. Find some productivity time and spend date night prepping and nesting together.
  11. Take a prenatal class.
    We couldn’t believe how much fun we had laughing as we practiced breathing together. It was such a fun experience and very educational to take a class together. If you’re late to the game and can’t get in at your local hospital, my friend Hilary who is a labor and delivery nurse has an awesome course you can do online. She’s hilarious by the way, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the same amount of laughter and education.
  12. Splurge on one cute thing for the baby.
    Use your date night budget to go buy that outfit you’ll bring them home in. Or go get a cute thing for the nursery you can enjoy. Maybe the bookstore with a book you can each enjoy reading is in order. Whatever it is, have fun dreaming of that precious little person about to come into your life!
    Plus this is one of those fun things to do while pregnant that you’ll only get to enjoy at this time in your life!

Photos by: Chrissy Blake

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