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Weekend Children Activities: 105 Fun Family Activities to Do on the Weekend

105-weekend children activities and family fun activities the entire family will love doing together!

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We go on a date night every week to connect as a couple. But once a month, we invite our kids and make it a family date. We’ve found a lot of joy in planning intentional weekend children activities our whole family can enjoy!

There is something about wholesome recreational activities that bond families together. And we’d encourage any family to make fun activities on a designated fun weekend happen with children at least once a month!

If you need some fun ideas of fun things to do, here are 100 excellent weekend children activities.

Weekend Children Activities

Weekend Children Activities for Family Fun Days

  1. Create a family bucket list and let everyone share their top pick for an activity they’d like to do together this year. You’ll come up with your own list of great options!
  2. Plan a Family Movie Night
  3. Have a family game night and play your favorite games
  4. Buy a new board game and learn it together as a family
  5. Have a family pizza night and make person pan pizzas
  6. Complete a jigsaw puzzle together
  7. Bake cookies
  8. Have an Iron Chef competition
  9. Create a stop motion video together
  10. Play video games together
  11. Do science experiments together (try a Kiwi Crate to make it easy and extra exciting!)
  12. Get a bunch of glow sticks and have a glowstick dance party/neon dance party
  13. Do an Adventure Challenge for Families
  14. Create a scavenger hunt for kids to find a fun surprise
  15. Build a huge living room fort and have a living room picnic.
  16. Find a dance challenge to learn and learn it and record it together as a family
  17. Create a family tree and spend some quality time talking about what you know about your ancestors.
  18. Have a family read-a-thon with books and treats ready
    Utah Summer backyard views.

    Outdoor Activities

  19. Have a family barbecue in the backyard
  20. Invite another family over for a potluck dinner in the backyard
  21. Do a s’mores night and tell stories by a bonfire
  22. Set up a tent and have a backyard campout or an indoor camping in the living room
  23. Set up a car wash/bike wash and pump the music
  24. Have a sidewalk chalk mural competition

    Free Things to Do With Kids on the Weekend

  25. Go for a casual bike ride
  26. Ride bikes to a destination and navigate through a bike path
  27. Visit a skate park with scooters and skateboards
  28. Go tour an open houses and see the cool new designs and technology going into homes
  29. Set up a slip ‘n slide
  30. Jump on a trampoline with sprinklers
  31. Play glow-in-the-dark games
  32. Water balloon fight
  33. Have a Nerf gun war
  34. Play catch
  35. Have a family kickball tournament
  36. Visit a new park you’ve never been to
  37. Do a Home Depot run and get kids kits to complete together
  38. Have a park picnic
  39. Plan a formal jump in puddles and play in the rain activity for rainy days
  40. Look for shapes in the clouds
  41. Go for a hike
  42. Visit the local library and find books to read and movies to watch together
  43. Visit the thrift store and choose funny outfits for each other to try on.
  44. Attend a library storytime or a Barnes and Noble family storytime
  45. Do a museum preview day on their free day of the month
  46. Go to a splash pad
  47. Do a drawing lesson online and have a drawing competition
  48. Tour a fire station
  49. Go geocaching
  50. Have an outdoor family movie night
  51. Have a beach day at the beach or a lake
  52. Download our random acts of kindness list and go do a bunch of random acts of kindness
  53. Road trip to historic sites and go learn about local history

    Weekend Children Activities
    Fun Activities for Families to Do on the Weekend

  54. Go get ice cream
  55. Visit the weekend farmer’s market together
  56. Go bowling
  57. Visit an old school arcade
  58. Have a swimming day at a local swimming pool
  59. Visit amusement parks in your area
  60. Go miniature golfing
  61. Visit a family fun center/entertainment center
  62. Do an escape room
  63. Visit a water park
  64. Do train rides at a train park
  65. Take some road trips to nearby destinations
  66. Go to the science center
  67. Visit a dinosaur museum/museum of natural history
  68. Spend a day exploring art at your local art museum

    Museum of Natural History AZ
    Some of the Best Places to Go for Family Fun

  69. Go rock climbing
  70. Attend a basketball game
  71. Go to a baseball game
  72. Attend a football game
  73. Go to a soccer game
  74. Have a family zoo date
  75. Try horseback riding and book a guided tour on horseback (many summer camps offer weekend outings you can book)
  76. Play laser tag
  77. Visit the movie theater
  78. Go to the children’s museums in your area
  79. Go ice skating
  80. Try roller skating
  81. Visit a petting zoo
  82. Do a Saturday morning donut run
  83. Go out to brunch as a family
  84. Have dinner downtown where you can listen to some live music while you eat
  85. Visit the botanical gardens
  86. Watch for special events your city/town put on and make sure to attend one together
  87. Visit a local bakery and choose treats to enjoy
  88. Go to a candy shop and let everyone choose their favorite candy

    After Christmas Blues
    Seasonal Weekend Children Activities

  89. Make some family New Year’s resolutions together. Be sure to turn it into a fun family party and let all family members have a say!
  90. Do Valentine’s fondue night dinner and share something you love about each other.
  91. Go see the Easter Bunny
  92. Do an Easter Egg Hunt
  93. Have a glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt adding glowsticks pieces to eggs and hunt at night.
  94. Plant a tree or do some community service for Earth Day
  95. Attend a 4th of July parade
  96. Visit the state fair or summer carnival
  97. Go back to school shopping and let everyone choose a new piece of clothing.
  98. Have a big back-to-school family dinner and set goals and celebrate the start of the school year.
  99. Do our Halloween Scavenger Hunt for families. Grab the free printable here.
  100. Plan a family-themed Halloween costume and go thrifting to find items.
  101. Do a family service project to give thanks around Thanksgiving.
  102. Explore your neighborhood Christmas lights scene with our Christmas Light Scavenger Hunt.
  103. Go visit Santa at the mall and look into photo packages for some cute or silly family special photo opportunities.
  104. Go caroling and treat others to some live music
  105. Create graham cracker houses or gingerbread houses


These family activities are a great way to get the whole family, and kids of all ages involved in some family bonding! We hope family adventures and intentional weekend children activities together become some of your favorite things and favorite memories!

Weekend Children Activities: 105 Fun Family Activities to Do on the Weekend

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