A Picnic in the Livingroom

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So I’ve had quite a few friends say, love to steal some of your ideas, but we have kids or live in a small town and some just aren’t doable, do you have more at home ideas?
I know we go out most of the time, we are trying to enjoy this phase of our lives where we can. I know one day when there are small dimply hyper-active mini Jacobs/Camilles we will do more at home. However, I think at any phase of life it’s important to go out and important to have some more relaxing nights in.

We originally planned to go camping for the weekend and beat the AZ sun. Jacob had to work late multiple nights only to find out he’d be going in on Saturday too. BOOOOO! Love to say my week was better, but it was pretty crazy too with work and a side assignment. SO, we had to cancel very last minute and come up with something on a whim.

We are both feeling the woes of 111 degrees and want to be outside. There were hopes that maybe the monsoon would magically hit and cool things off- but to no avail. So, we decided we weren’t going to let the lack of outdoors get us down and we would still go on the date planned on the spot.

Low and behold- our indoor picnic.

Here’s perhaps the best-kept food secret. For anyone in Arizona, California, Colorado, or Texas do we have a tip for you! Our favorite grocery store is a farmer’s market called Sprouts. They have the best produce and when it’s on sale it’s actually a fantastic deal. Their deli is pretty amazing too. Everyday they have a featured sandwich that is only $2.99. Even if you don’t go featured you will only spend $3-$4.50, depending if you add cheese or bacon or guac. It’s the healthiest fast-food out there with fresh bread, non-hormone packed meat, and organic veggies- oh and they truly are delicious. Dinner for under $7 was right up our alley. We also added some Propel, just to make sure even our beverages felt like a picnic.

We set up in the living room and did something we never do- watch TV. I guess it doesn’t really count since it was 30 Rock on DVD. Can I just tell you after the episode where Tracy does a skit as Oprah and talks like her, we’ve been echoing this style. You know like, “Everyone gets a new Pro-peeeeeeeeeeeeeee-ael!” And Jacob likes to point and say, “and you get a Propel, and you get a Propel, and YOU get a Propel!”
For people who don’t really watch anything partially due to time and partially due to the fact most TV is pretty trashy, we definitely give 30 Rock two thumbs up. We laughed our heads off well into the night as we enjoyed our indoor picnic.

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