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150+ Summer Activities for Kids with Free Activity List Download!

Ready to make this the best summer yet? Here are 150+ Summer Activities for Kids with a free summer activity list download to help you plan tons of summer fun for kids! 

I’ll never forget summer ending one year and looking at my toddler thinking “I only get 15-16 more of these with you”. Talk about jolting me wide awake and realizing when you look at parenthood in summers, wow does it go fast! 

Ever since then, I’ve tried my best to make some summer bucket list plans, and try to create memories and experiences while time flies by. I know most moms feel this way. But I also know feeling like entertaining your kids all summer can feel like a daunting task. This is why we’re here to help you be a fun mom and reach cool mom status with a summer you and your kids are going to love! 

Summer Camp Activities At Home

We’re so excited about our big announcement yesterday sharing our Camp Mom: Summer Camp Activities at Home series. If you haven’t joined yet, make sure you do! We’re sending fun ideas and resources to your inbox completely free!

And today’s post is the creme de la creme, sharing so many fun summer activities with kids with a free printable! That’s right, fun ideas for kids and a list of activities to use for the best summer yet! 

Summer Activities for Kids Free Printable

We’ve separated them by category so it’s easy to plan what works for you and your kids. Also, we’re going to share our system to plan these activities with a free planner! Also, we have systems to make sure what matters most happens without burning mom and dad out. I promise you’re not going to want to miss tomorrow’s big post! 

But today is all about the fun! Let’s get excited! Let’s get fun summer activities on the brain, and help you look forward to this summer with fun plans you and your kids will love! 

Without further adieu, here’s our list of 150+ Summer Activities for Kids to do this summer! 

Grab Your Summer Activities for Kids List Free Printable Here! 

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150+ Summer Activities for Kids

Camp Mom: Summer Camp Activities for Kids sorted by type to help you plan all kinds of summer fun for kids! 


Things to Do to Get Out of The House/Fun Adventures 

  1. Visit An Ice Cream Shop 
  2. Go to the Zoo 
  3. The Aquarium 
  4. Kids Fun Center
  5. Bakery Visit 
  6. Lunch Date 
  7. Candy Shop 
  8. Swimming Pool 
  9. Go to the Movie Theater
  10. Children’s Museum 
  11. Trampoline Park
  12. Visit a Local Farm 
  13. Have a Waterpark Day 
  14. Visit a Petting Zoo 
  15. Go to a Local Planetarium/Science Museum 
  16. Dollar Store Find 
  17. Mall Activity Day 
  18. Choose a New Book at the Bookstore 
  19. Roller Skating Rink 
  20. Bowling Outing 
  21. Visit the Arcade 
  22. Attend a Sporting Event 
  23. Go Miniature Golfing 
  24. Take a Day Trip to See a Local Treasure 
  25. Go to the Fair
  26. Visit An Amusement Park 
  27. Go Ice Skating

    Free Summer Activities for Kids

    Looking to save some cash? Try one of these completely free summer activities for kids! 

  28. Park Date 
  29. Splash Pad 
  30. Museum Preview Day 
  31. Library Story Time
  32. Library Visit 
  33. Run through the sprinklers 
  34. Kids Club Song Time 
  35. Park Picnic 
  36. Bike Rides 
  37. Go for a Hike 
  38. Drawing Lessons Online 
  39. Dance to GoNoodle Movies 
  40. Build an Epic Fort 
  41. Home Depot Kids Kits 
  42. Do a Riddle with Google Home/Alexa 
  43. Tour a Fire Station 
  44. Have a Beach Day 
  45. Sing Karaoke Songs 
  46. Visit the Farmer’s Market 
  47. Go Geocaching
  48. Have an Outdoor Family Movie Night
  49. Create a Backyard Splash pad 

    Free Summer Activities for Kids

    Active/Outdoor Activities

    Let’s burn off some energy and get some fresh air with these active activities for kids and outdoor activities for kids

  50. Sidewalk Chalk Art 
  51. Bike/Scooter Race Course 
  52. Skate Park (Scooters/bike/skates) 
  53. Paint Your Own Mural 
  54. Water Balloon Fight 
  55. Outdoor Obstacle Course 
  56. Create Giant bubbles 
  57. Do a Nature Walk or Nature Scavenger Hunt
  58. Slip ‘n Slide 
  59. Sports Camp 
  60. Kickball Tournament 
  61. Play Four Square 
  62. Play Catch 
  63. Have a Dance Party
  64. Play Glow in The Dark Games 
  65. Have a Nerf Gun War or Nerf Target Practice Game
  66. Jump on a Trampoline with Sprinklers 
  67. Go Rock Climbing 
  68. Look for Shapes in the Clouds

    Mom and Me Summer Activities for Kids

  69. Bake Cookies 
  70. Make Play Dough 
  71. Make Slime 
  72. Have a Game Tournament 
  73. Read-a-Thon 
  74. Cooking Lesson 
  75. Back to School Shopping 
  76. Deep Clean/Organize a Room Together 
  77. Meal Plan/Prepare a Meal Together 
  78. Christmas in July: Create Graham Cracker Gingerbread House Creations 
  79. Do a Scavenger Hunt at Home 
  80. Create a Time Capsule Together 
  81. Set Up a Car Wash/Bike Wash 
  82. Find and Visit a Free Little Library 
  83. Do an Escape Room Together 
  84. Choose a Read-aLoud Book to Enjoy Together  
  85. Make S’mores 
  86. Have a Campout in the Living Room 
  87. Decorate Sugar Cookies 
  88. Go “Heart Attack” Someone Who Could Use a Smile 
  89. Complete an Adventure Challenge for Families 
  90. Do Random Acts of Kindness for Others  
    Fun Summer Activities for Kids

    Educational/STEM Activities for Kids

  91. Build Your Own Houses Out of Cardboard Boxes 
  92. Do a Kiwi Crate 
  93. Try Some Science Experiments for Kids 
  94. Handwriting Practice 
  95. Build Geometric Shape Puzzles 
  96. Dino Excavation Eggs/Dinosaur Sensory Bin 
  97. Design structures out of popsicle sticks 
  98. Recreate a Famous Building with Magnatiles or Blocks 
  99. Paper Airplane Competition 
  100. Salt Dough Dinosaur Sensory Excavation Activity 
  101. Build a Rocketship Fort and Watch a Space Shuttle Takeoff 
  102. Take an Outschool Class 
  103. Tie-Dye Something Together 
  104. Make Homemade Ice Cream 
  105. Build a Toilet Paper Roll Marble Run 
  106. Coding Practice. Keep STEM skills sharp and have lots of fun while learning coding skills.
  107. Trace Your Body: Draw and Label Your Bones 
  108. Create a Car Track and race cars  
  109. Grow Borax Crystals 
  110. Build Popsicle Stick Birdhouses 
  111. Create Lego Structures 

    Quiet Time Activities 

  112. Perler Beads 
  113. Diamond Painting 
  114. Aquabeads 
  115. Write/Illustrate Your Own Book (See our Blank Books Activity post for ideas) 
  116. Sensory Bins  
  117. Paint by Sticker Books 
  118. Seek and Find Books 
  119. Doodle in a sketchpad
  120. Play Dough Building 
  121. Model Clay Creation 
  122. Scratch Art Creations 
  123. Do a Jigsaw Puzzle 
  124. Color a Giant Coloring Page
  125. I Spy Summer 
  126. Origami 
  127. Listen to Audiobooks
  128. Create Wikki Stix Projects 
  129. Do a Doodle Book 
  130. Work on an Activity Book

    Arts and Crafts Time

  131. Q-tip Painting 
  132. Take a Watercolor for Kids Class
  133. Find a Creative Project to Do Together 
  134. Paint Watercolor Coloring Pages 
  135. Gel Crayons 
  136. Paint with Water Books 
  137. Dot Markers 
  138. Rock Painting 
  139. Kids Craft Kits 
  140. Create an Art Museum at Home 
  141. Learn to Sew Buttons and Patch Holes in Clothes 
  142. Take a Music Class and Practice 
  143. Create Mosaics with a kit or with small pieces of paper.
  144. Have a Pizza Making Date 
  145. Create Stop Motion Videos 
  146. Do a String Art Projects
  147. Work on Color By Number Pages 
  148. Paint Pottery 
  149. Paint a Canvas Project 
  150. Create Salt Paintings Together 

Grab the Free Summer Activities List Download Here

Want this list in free printable download form? You can grab it right here: 

It works great with a standard printer, but here’s how to print an oversized engineer print if you want to make a larger poster as we did! 

And check out this list in free printable summer bucket list form too! 

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