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Maternity Pictures at Papago Park in Arizona

I wasn’t planning on doing any professional maternity photos. It’s crazy hot in Arizona and the thought of going outside and sweating was a little more than I could take. I’d also heard about six months along is the best time to do it, which was also the hottest time of year, and I didn’t think I was showing enough to really see the round bump- I just looked awkward for a long time. As things progressed and the move kept us so busy, I just decided that I’d take the weekly shot in front of the sign and call it a day. 
My dear friend and very talented photographer Chrissy of Let Me See You Sparkle Photography insisted we do a shoot, even if I am nine months along and feeling huge. I remembered how many years it took us to get this little guy, and knowing this may be my only pregnancy I decided I may regret not taking the opportunity.
 There was a fluke day last week where temps were under 100 one evening, a storm rolled in with amazing lighting and clouds, and we were both getting off work early for the holiday weekend. The stars aligned and in less than 24 we had it planned, grabbing whatever clothes were clean and knowing Chrissy’s talent would get us through! We’re so happy with the results I can’t contain myself and have to share in two parts- part two coming tomorrow! 


Maternity photoshoot in Arizona against the red rocks.


Husband and wife holding hands in maternity photo shoot.


Maternity pictures in Tempe, Arizona.


Couple maternity picture ideas.


Couple posing for maternity pictures at Papago Park in Arizona.
Maternity photo shoot ideas in Arizona.


Cute couple maternity picture.


Cute maternity picture idea: have each partner hold "Are you my mother" and "Hop on Pop".
Maternity Photos in Arizona.


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  1. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    I'm glad you decided to do them, and what a GORGEOUS locale! and beautiful mom to be as well of course!

  2. Kate Lately says:

    I LOVE these! So cute and it is making me so excited to meet the little one!!!

  3. I love that you incorporated the books from your baby announcement picture!!! 🙂