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Kid Stocking Stuffers: 50+ Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids 

Make stockings easy and fun with great stocking stuffers for kids! Here are the 50+ best kid stocking stuffer ideas to put in a child’s stocking this year. 

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Do you know that feeling when you think you’re done with Christmas shopping and then realize that something is missing? The moment seems to strike when I remember I have a stocking to fill! Often, I scramble to get some of those last-minute smaller items that I know will be great in stockings.

But this year I’m determined to not let this detail slip and have been keeping a list of the best kid stocking stuffers

We’re avoiding the last-minute gift frenzy and are here to help you walk into Christmas Eve with confidence! Check out the top kid stocking stuffers for tons of inspiration! 

Practical Stocking Stuffers for Kids.

​50 Best Kid Stocking Stuffers

1. Card Games

A good card game is always a good ideas to have on hand if you have kids! They are compact and fun, these games are perfect for family game nights, offering entertainment and bonding opportunities for kids of all ages. We think they make an extra great gift for an upcoming trip, to use while waiting in lines or in the car, or for a quick bonding moment when you need a few minutes of quality time with kids. 

2. Art Supplies

Crayons, markers, and sketchpads are ideal for encouraging creative expression in children, allowing them to explore their artistic talents. One of our kids’ favorite things is geting double-sided scented markers with different colors and scents. They fit perfectly in standard-sized Christmas stockings, and it’s one of the best gifts to encourage extra creativity this year! 

3. Gift Cards

Who doesn’t love a gift card to spend and use as you wish? Versatile and exciting, gift cards give kids the freedom to choose their own gifts, making them a perfect stocking stuffer. Think stores they love, places they love to eat or get a treat, or one they can use on an upcoming vacation. 

4. Lip Balm

Let me tell you, as a little girl I went nuts for flavored and colorful Lipsmackers. But my boys always have chapped lips in the winter and love having their own lip balm. These are ideal for keeping kids’ lips moisturized during the colder months, and they come in fun, kid-friendly varieties and seasonal options. 

5. Water Bottles

Has anyone else’s kids lost or damaged their water bottle at this point in back to school? Surely it’s not just mine who could use a water bottle refresh! Water bottles with fun designs encourage hydration in a playful way! They are both a practical and enjoyable gift. They make a good stocking stuffer that kids with use a whole lot. Also, they’re a great addition to fill the middle part of the stocking. 

6. Fidget Toys

It’s always a great idea to keep fidgety hands at bay! Fidget toys are great for keeping little hands busy and minds focused. These toys are perfect for children who need a tactile experience. A classic pop-it or fidget spinner fit perfectly as stocking stuffer gifts. 

7. Kanoodle Brain Teasers 

These went viral on Tiktok and for good reason! The classic game and all the advanced options are perfect for just about any age group gift guide! They are small and compact with brain teaser puzzles that range in games for preschoolers through adults. And if I didn’t peak your interest, let the thousands of 5-star ratings convinue you! 

8. Stuffed Animals

Soft, cuddly, and always a hit, stuffed animals provide comfort and companionship for younger children. And a cute, mini stuffed animal toy is a great way to stuff a stocking. 

9. Coloring Books

These books offer hours of artistic fun, helping kids to relax and engage in creative coloring activities. Try to find a mini coloring book, or one that will roll up well to fit in kids’ stockings. We love this series that would fold well and hold up great. 

10. Nail Polish

Vibrant and fun, nail polish is perfect for fashion-forward kids who enjoy expressing themselves through color and style. Plus, there are a lot of great options for little kids that are non-toxic

11. Board Books

If you have little kids, this is such a good stocking stuffer! Board books are engaging and educational, and are perfect for young readers, helping to foster a love of reading from an early age. We have a roundup of 20 books every parent should have in their library if you need some good ideas for a new board book! 

12. Bubble Bath

If you have kids who take baths, you know how fun a bubble bath is for kids! Bubble baths turn a routine into a fun and relaxing experience, making bath time something kids can look forward to. We have loved the Tubby Todd bubbles, and also the Babyganics bubbles

13. Mini Alarm Clocks/Visual Timers 

These cute and practical items are great for teaching kids time management and responsibility, and they come in a variety of fun designs. Plus, a visual timer is going to be equal parts helpful for kids to understand time, and useful for parents! 

14. Cocoa Bombs

Delicious and warm, cocoa bombs are a sweet treat that make a perfect drink for chilly winter days, adding a touch of magic to the holiday season. We love to grab the seasonal items at Trader Joe’s! 

15. Mad Libs

Hilarious fill-in-the-blank books that provide a good laugh, Mad Libs are great for language learning and family fun. Plus, the small books make for easy storage and are a fun consumable item. And if you need a free stocking stuffer, grab our Mad Libs printables and use those!

16. Matchbox Cars

Timeless and always popular, a Matchbox car is a small toy that encourages imaginative play and are perfect for kids who love vehicles. Hot Wheels makes a lot of collector styles even older kids love. And if you have a Disney fan, the Cars movie diecast vehicles are such a great choice! 

17. Hex Bugs

Let’s talk cool STEM toys! These are innovative and fun! Hex Bugs are mini robotic toys that offer a unique blend of technology and entertainment, appealing to tech-savvy kids. I’ve yet to meet a kid that wasn’t in awe of a hex bug and what a cool toy it is! 

18. UV Light Keychains

These cool gadgets are not only fun but also educational, offering kids a unique way to explore and experiment with UV light. If you have kids who love to read in the car, these are such a good thing! They aren’t too bright to distract the driver, but little hands can still look at their picture books or chapter books with just enough light. 

19. Bath Toys

If you have kids you take baths, you know the need to constantly replace moldy toys. We love to gift this tube of bath toys, or grab some bath crayons in a variety of colors. They all make bath time more enjoyable, bath toys are perfect for younger children, adding an element of fun to bathtime.

20. Small Books

Small books are ideal for encouraging a love of reading in children, and are perfect for bedtime stories or quiet reading time. And if you have an emerging reader, you know it’s the perfect gift to keep encouraging reading with a book they’ll enjoy! 

21. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty 

This may be the perfect toy to help kids with sensory play! We learned about this product last year at a cousin’s house, and learned in their city, these sell out from the most popular toy store often! Everyone loves the thinking putty that is less of a mess and more of a moldable plastic texture. There are so many cool varieties and styles. Of all the favorite stocking stuffers out there, I think this is tops! Little kids through adults enjoy this amazing thinking putty! 

22. Toothbrush 

I grabbed these battery powered toothbrushes a few years ago thinking they’d be unique stocking stuffers with a practical twist. They were the perfect thing to fill the middle of the stocking, and we had a year of no cavities! Grab a fun design they’ll love and enjoy the perfect size stocking stuffer! 

23. Chocolate Oranges

It doesn’t feel like Christmas to me without a good chocolate orange! It’s festive and delicious treat, chocolate oranges are a delightful surprise on Christmas morning, combining the chocolate with a hint of holiday flavor. These fit so well in the toe of the stocking. 

24. Fun Pens

There’s just something magical about a fresh set of pens in fun colors for creative kids. Let me tell you, these erasable pens come out during homework time and my kids light up about their less than favorite time because of of much fun they have with this set. These pens come in various colors and designs, making writing and drawing more enjoyable for kids who love to be creative.

25. Extreme Dot-to-Dot Books

For big kids who love a unique challenge, these books are great with puzzles, brain teasers, and detailed activities.

26. Small Toys for Road Trips

These little toys and activity kits are perfect for keeping kids entertained during long car rides. We love small magnetic games, magnetic boards, and Color Wow. These small toys are ideal for family travels and adventures.

27. Hair Accessories

Stylish and practical, hair accessories like clips and bands are perfect for kids who enjoy styling their hair. Plus, hair things often come in packs, and you can take apart the packaging to give several gifst instead of just one pack. 

28. Watercolor Paint Set

We love the shape and size of an inexpensive watercolor paint set, but we love the creativity even more! These encourage artistic talents, these sets allow young painters to explore their creativity through painting.

29. Little Trinkets from the Dollar Store

Affordable and fun, these small surprises are perfect for filling up the stocking without breaking the bank. 

30. Sticker Sets

Most kids love a good sticker set, and they’re fantastic inexpensive gifts. Great for customizing personal items like waterbottles, notebooks or laptops, sticker sets allow kids to express their personalities and interests.

31. Miniature Board Games

These classic games in compact form are great for family entertainment, and easy to set up and play anywhere. We love to stash them in the car, or keep them in the mom bag for family outings. 

32. Bath Bombs 

Adding extra fun to bath time, bath bombs items turn a simple bath into a delightful and relaxing experience for kids.

33. Car Vent Clips

Fun and novel, car vent clips are a fun way for kids to personalize the car vents near their seats. They can be chosen based on children’s favorite characters or designs, adding a personal touch to family vehicles.

34. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

I mean were you a kid of the 90s if you didn’t have glow-in-the-dark stars in your room? These create a magical bedroom ceiling, perfect for kids who love a little night-time wonder. And they’re fantastic at this time of year when nights are extra dark and kids may need a little more light after the festive season lights go down. 

35. Hot Chocolate Mix

A comforting and delicious treat, hot chocolate mix is perfect for enjoying on chilly days near the Christmas tree. You can buy these, or you can make custom hot cocoa mix yourself.

36. Small Crafting Kits

Perfect for DIY projects and fostering creativity, these kits offer a variety of crafting activities for kids. We love to grab these at Michael’s or the Target Bullseye Spot. 

37. LED Mini Flashlight

Handy and fun, these flashlights are great for adventures, camping, or as a comforting night light. And thy make for practical gift ideas to keep on hand for emergency preparedness. 

38. Fuzzy Socks

I mean who doesn’t love a pair of fuzzy socks? Cozy, colorful, and often featuring fun designs (like Santa Claus or winter snow), festive socks are a practical and cheerful gift for the holiday season.

39. Rubik’s Cube

A brain-teasing puzzle that offers hours of problem-solving fun, the Rubik’s Cube is a classic that challenges kids and adults alike. And it’s a great game that fits perfectly in the bottom of their stocking. 

40. Temporary Tattoos

Easy-to-apply and fun, temporary tattoos come in a variety of designs and are a hit with kids who love to decorate their skin.

41. Miniature Dolls or Action Figures

These are so great for younger kids, Disney fans, and people who love to collect characters. Also, they’re ideal for imaginative scenarios, these small figurines or dolls spark creative play and storytelling.


Themed bookmarks are perfect for encouraging reading and can be chosen based on a child’s favorite books or characters.

43. Tomagatchi/Electronic Pet 

​Yes friends, these are back! Last year our boys found R2D2 digital pets and were delighted! These retro games have made a huge comeback with tons of options. 

44. Play Dough 

Squishy and amusing, Play Dough provides tactile play and can be a calming activity for kids. Grab our Play Dough Mats printable for tons of ideas on how to use Play Dough for younger kids! 

45. Squishies

​While we’re on sensory fun, squishies are something kids of all ages go bananas for! You can get them in rubbery textures, or grab mini Squishmellow figures. 

46. Jump Rope

Encourage active play, a jump rope is a simple and effective way for kids to enjoy exercise and outdoor activities.

47. Headphones/Earbuds

Ideal for teens and older kids, earbuds allow for private listening to music, audiobooks, or educational content. And, these wireless headphones are the most useful item you’ll be so glad you have on any trips or days you need to work from home.

48. A New Beanie

Small, practical, and useful, it’s easy to find a beanie with characters for younger kids, or a name-brand stylish beanie for older kids. Plus, this is one item you know they’ll get a lot of use out of during the New Year. 

49. Magnetic Drawing Boards

We have a mini set of these in our church bag, and our kids draw for a solid hour every week, even years later! Hello erasable and perfect for drawing or doodling pad, these boards are a hit with young artists and help keep mess away!

50. Portable Chargers

This may be more applicable to older kids, but chances are, they already have devices to charge. Our kids use their Fire Kids Edition tablets as audiobook players, and a portable charger to use on the go is something the whole family can appreciate! They are essential for older kids’ gadgets, portable chargers ensure their devices are always powered up, making them a practical gift.

Stocking Filler FAQs

What do you put in a child’s stocking?

Most people include a few treats like candy, candy canes, or favorite snacks. An orange is a classic stocking stuffer. Beyond that, a small practical item they’ll use are perfect stocking stuffers for a child.

How to fill a stocking cheaply?

It’s easy to create a great stocking on a budget! Lean into cheaper items like candy. Many families love the tradition of unshelled peanuts or other nuts that fill a stocking. And looks for inexpensive dollar-store items kids will love.

How much should you spend on Christmas stockings?

This is going to depend on your budget and personal preferences. Many families set a firm budget of $25-$50 for stocking stuffers. But you can go far cheaper or far more expensive as your budget allows.

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