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Playdough Mats: Free Printable Play doh Mat Templates

Keep little hands busy with playdough mats! These fun free printable Play-Doh mats are perfect for easy sensory play!

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If you haven’t heard of playdough mats, I’m so excited to share this awesome parenting resource with you!

But also, if you have heard of playdough mats, I’m equally excited to share this FREE indoor activity for kids resource with you!

My toddler adores Play-Doh. Sometimes we buy a set of Play-Doh, but more often than not, we use my easy play dough recipe to make our own. It smells amazing, it lasts a long time, and we can create custom colors.

Naturally, there are so many ways to play with play dough! I used to not love it due to the mess or residue left behind. But once I realized how long even toddlers play with this fun sensory play for kids item, I changed my tune! Add in our crafting mat vinyl mat we call our mess mat, and I got over the play dough phobia really quickly!

Play Doh Mat

Playdough Mats

Do you know another easy way to contain play dough and help with eye-hand coordination? It’s using a play-doh mat! And today, we’re hooking you up with four of them that are completely free to you!

What Is a Play-Dough Mat?

It’s a mat with a template or pattern kids use to create pictures or scenes using play dough. Essentially, they’re a black and white image printed and then laminated. This makes them ready for kids to place and smash playdough on to create colorful pictures.

Play Dough Mats for Preschoolers

What are the benefits of using a play-doh mat?

There are a lot!

  • Easy creative play
  • Eye-handing coordination skill development
  • Sensory learning
  • Artistic expression
  • Hours of fun for kids
  • Easy quiet time activity when you’re stuck indoors

What do you need to make one?

I’m glad you asked! Here’s an easy tutorial to help you create a play dough mat at home!

Yield: 4 Mats

How to Make a Playdough Mat

Play Dough Mat

Create your own playdough mat for easy sensory learning and play with this easy resource!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 10 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty Easy
Estimated Cost free



  1. Download the FREE Play doh mat template document. Print them on white paper.
  2. Open your pack of self-laminating sheets, and follow the instructions to laminate each paper. *See notes
    Playdough Mat Printable
  3. Laminating seals instantly, so you're ready to grab your play dough and start playing immediately!


* You can laminate a single page, or place two pages together with print sides facing out and laminate both.

We love to do each individually in case multiple kids want to use the mats. But there's no harm in being resourceful and having kids flip over one mat to find a new picture and scene to play with!

Did you make this project?

Please leave a comment on the blog or share a photo on Pinterest

Free Printable Playdough Mats

I’m so excited to share these free printable playdough mats! We designed them to appeal to toddlers through elementary ages. Some are more simple images for smaller hands. A few have more complex designs to let older kids enjoy more attention to detail and work on greater dexterity and artistic play.

What’s included?

  • Dinosaur Playdough Mat
  • 1 Bug playdough mat: a caterpillar
  • A Rainbow playdough mat
  • 1 food playdough mat: a triple-decker ice cream cone

All are included in one free download. Feel free to use them all or just print the one you need!


*These play mats are for personal use only. They are not intended for commercial use or resale.

*Teachers ARE permitted to print and use classroom sets. As a former teacher, I’m here to cheer you on and I hope this free playdough mats printable helps!

How to Play with playdough mats

I’d offer kids a few different colors of play do to work with. Let them know it’s their job to decorate or color in the pictures.

I highly recommend using our homemade playdough recipe. It’s a lot softer than Play doh, and it spreads and molds with mats easier. But if it’s not your jam to make your own, you’re good to use any play dough you wish!

Feel free to mix up instructions, colors, and play mats to help kids explore and have fun with this sensory play art medium!

I hope your kids and students enjoy them as much as mine have!

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Play Dough Mats
Playdough mats free printable

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