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Easter Photo Ideas

Tons of Easter photo ideas to help you capture cute Easter photos of yourself, your kids, or get great family photo Easter Ideas!

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Easter is one of the most photogenic holidays, and a great time to get family Easter pictures, kid Easter pictures, or even selfies! Here are a ton of Easter photo ideas to capture for cute Easter pics!

Easter Mini Photo Shoot

Easter Photo Ideas

A roundup of great Easter photo ideas so you can document your Easter!

Book an Easter Mini Photo Shoot

We’ve done this ever since we had our first child! If I’m buying a new fancy Easter outfit for my boys to look dapper in, we need it documented!

So many photographers do all the creative work to create set and help you get those perfect family Easter pictures of your family or your kids. Find one and hire it out!
Chrissy Blake does an amazing job if you’re local to Phoenix!

Easter Photo Ideas

Set up your own Easter Backdrop

If you have decorations on hand, a fun spring setup, or a great outdoor space- you can set up your own DIY Easter pictures easily!

Easter Photo Ideas

Head to a local farm and take pictures in pastel clothes 

It’s a great time to capture spring colors and Easter pastels. Local farms provide a great backdrop for some perfect Easter photos!

Easter Best Family Picture Idea

Dress Up in Easter Best

Get the kids dressed up, or just get yourself set up, and snap tons of shots in Easter best!

Snap a Photo Before or After Easter Church Services

If you made it out the door and were able to attend an Easter church service, it’s worth documenting!

Hold those Easter baskets

First of all, Easter baskets are a darling prop. And secondly, if you put in the work to assemble an Easter basket, it’s worth capturing!
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Easter Activities for Adults

Capture an Easter egg Hunt

We had a photographer offer to capture a family Easter egg hunt one year, and I can’t believe how much we love these pictures!

Dye Easter eggs and capture the fun 

Hello, the most quintessential Easter activity! Dying Easter eggs makes for really cute Easter photo ideas! You can capture the process or the final product. It’s cute with kids or a fantastic Easter date idea!

Easter Pic Ideas: Dying Easter Eggs Picture

Bunny Pictures

Yep, it’s a thing! Most local farms allow bunny petting and they make for darling family Easter pictures, particularly if you have kids

Chick Pictures

Similar to bunny pictures! Check out local petting zoos and farms and get some adorable pictures with baby chicks.

Flower Field Photos

Find a flower field and take your tripod for a gorgeous spring photos Easter brunch setup.

Easter Brunch Setup

Whether you go out for Easter brunch or cook up a storm, capture the Easter tradition.

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