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Bumper Bowling Family Date

Bumper Bowling Family Date

Date Info:
Bumper Bowling
Price: $9 a person for a game and shoe rental: check your local bumper bowling facility for exact rates and family specials
Website: Details and book your own time slot on their website
Location: We’re at Jake’s Unlimited in Mesa, AZ. Most cities have a bowling ally that offers bumper bowling.
Family going bumper bowling.
A few weeks ago we took our son back to his favorite place on the planet, that is, after Disneyland. It was a bribe for completing swim lessons after a fearful and teary start. Bribery works so well with this kid, and he was all in with determination to learn to swim in the name of a family game center!
I really expected our outing to be exactly like our first family date to Jake’s Unlimited, but I was amazed by how we focused on other activities this visit. Our main one, bumper bowling.

What is Bumper Bowling?

For those who have never been, bumper bowling is the saving grace that allows you to enjoy bowling with children. Bumpers are put in the gutter so the ball can’t ever fall to the side. It bumps back and forth until it hits the pins. In addition, there’s usually a bowling ramp which is a tool meant to make bowling accessible to those in a wheelchair and is commonly used for children.
Bumper bowling family date
Between the bumper + a ramp, you’re all set for a fun family outing! I’d just call ahead to make sure your bowling alley offers both.
Bowling with bumpers

Family Bumper Bowling

More modern places (like Jake’s Unlimited) offer the option to have bumpers automatically go up and down. We chose for them to be present for our son, and disappear on each of our turns. This made bowling competitive and exciting for the adults. But it also made it less frustrating and exciting for our toddler too.
It’s the best of all worlds, and if you can find a bowling ally with automated bumpers, you’re in a for a great family date night!

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