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Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

Here are 65+ fun birthday photoshoot ideas to help you document a birthday. Tons of fun birthday photoshoot ideas for adults to get the perfect birthday pictures! 

One fun way to celebrate a birthday is by helping the birthday girl/boy feel special with a photoshoot. Birthday pictures are great for social media, or just to help boost self-esteem on the special day. It takes just a little creativity and some great birthday photoshoot ideas to get those perfect pictures.

65 fun birthday photoshoot ideas for adults! 

    1. Bunch of colorful Balloons

       This is a classic for a reason! Get a helium tank and your favorite colors of balloons and take any and every type of pose you can think of while holding them. 

      Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas for Adults

    2. Grab a bunch of monochromatic balloons 

      There’s something gorgeous about a bunch of balloons that coordinate with an outfit. Here’s your permission to work some of your best colors, it’s your birthday! Plus, this is about the easiest DIY birthday décor out there! 

    3. Party Hat

       A simple party hat prop goes a long way! Plus, there are tons of cute, classy, and funny party hats for adults on adults to make it perfectly you. 

      10th Wedding Anniversary

    4. Birthday Year Balloons

       Another classic of the birthday photoshoot ideas you can never go wrong with! Get giant foil balloons with the age you’re turning. Particularly if your next birthday is a milestone birthday (Like a 30th birthday photo or your golden birthday), you’ll be so glad you included them! The pictures holding and trying to wrangle them always make for a great birthday shoot! 


    5. The Year you were born balloon backdrop 

      While we’re on a balloon kick, a backdrop of balloons showing the year you were born is always a fun take on your birthday with a more subtle way to reveal your age. This size is perfect for it! It’s also one of the best 21st birthday photoshoot ideas for those celebrating this fun new time of your life! 

    6. Happy Birthday balloon backdrop 

      Get the words spelled out in Balloon form and set them up as a backdrop for your birthday photos. It may be worth renting a photo studio and doing a photo session showcasing your cute setup! 

    7. Grab a party blower 

      It’s a simple prop that adds all the fun to a birthday photoshoot for adults! 

    8. Hold noisemakers 

      Why not get loud and declare it’s your big day? Noisemakers are a fun prop and lend to a lot of fun social media captions about getting loud or declaring your birthday! 

    9. Holding a birthday cake

       Add this to the top three birthday photoshoot ideas for adults! But a full birthday cake on a platter or cake plate just feels like the best kind of prop! Plus you can get gorgeous custom cakes or cakes from the grocery store on the cheap. They both photograph fantastically well! 

    10. Special cake topper with cake 

      Whether you pull out your Cricut or buy a cute cake topper, they take birthday photoshoots up a notch! 
      Wedding anniversary pictures

    11. Blowing out candles

       Capture the moment of making the birthday wish and blow out those birthday candles. There are so many social media caption options to share your wish for the year. And get a professional photographer to make your look beautiful while you blow those candles out! 

      Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas

    12. Using a hairdryer to blow out candles 

      During the time of the pandemic, this has become a funny joke. It’s a fun picture and documents a moment in time really well. But even beyond it, it’s a fun mood to show a sassy face and a hairdryer doing the work for you! 

    13. Sparkler Number candles lit on a cake 

      It doesn’t get much cuter or more photogenic in birthday photoshoot ideas than sparkler number candles lit up. You can also get glitter candles if sparklers aren’t easy to find. 
      Birthday Candles for Photo shoot

    14. Decorate your own cake 

      Hello perfect lifestyle photo opp- get in the kitchen and document yourself decorating your own cake. These are birthday images you’ll always treasure! 

    15. Holding a cupcake/Donut/Cookie

      Buy a simple cupcake or other treats from your local bakery, and add one candle. it makes for a simple and sweet birthday moment. 
      Birhtday Photoshoot Ideas for Adults
      And how great is Chrissy Blake with these 29th birthday photoshoot ideas? 

    16. Adult Cake Smash 

      This is always funny, and always cute! It may sound silly but an adult cake smash photoshoot always turns out great! Take a page from a 1st birthday party with a cake smash, and create one for yourself. All you need is a cake on a stand and someone ready to snap pictures while you dig in! 
      Adult Cake Smash Birthday Photoshoot

    17. Head to an ice cream parlor 

      There’s something sweet and nostalgic about ice cream parlors. They make for a darling birthday photoshoot and bonus, they often provide a free ice cream on your birthday. It’s many photographer’s favorite location to shoot at for some really sweet and fun photos! 
      Birthday photshoot ideas

    18. Eating Your feelings getting older 

      Feel free to make all the jokes about getting older and the need to eat your feelings while you take a moment to capture yourself doing just that. A formal birthday portrait to document it is definitely in order! 

    19. Bust out the bubbly 

      Whatever your celebratory drink of choice is, grab a champagne bottle or apple cider bottle, and document starting the party celebration. You could get extra fun holding a bottle of champagne (or sparkling cider) in each hand! 

    20. Holding a champagne flute 

      It’s a simple prop that makes everything feel fancy and like a party. Plus it screams birthday celebrations are in order! 

    21. Cheers to you 

      Either grab a partner or friend to raise your glass to or raise it right at the camera to announce the celebration of your day! It’s one of the best birthday photoshoot ideas if you want other guests to join you for pictures! 

    22. Monochromatic look with your favorite color 

      Get a little fancy and dress head to toe in your favorite color. You can even add an easy photo backdrop using plastic tablecloths. Let your decorations match you! Make your color and your big day shine! 

    23. Sparklers 

      Sparklers just scream celebration. And holding one out while you smile or attempting low shutter sparkler art are both excellent choices. 
      Date Night Goals

    24. Smoke bomb 

      I can’t stress safety enough if using a smoke bomb! Have a way to extinguish with a bucket of water ready and available. But the photography turns out amazing if you execute the perfect pose plan! Truly, a smoke bomb creates a really amazing picture. 
      Birthday Photoshoot Ideas smoke bomb

    25. Throw the confetti 

      These make for some of the cutest pictures even though there’s a bit of mess to clean up after. a Confetti toss thrown up the air is so fun for a birthday photo shoot! 
      Confetti Photoshoot for your birthday.

    26. Blow the confetti 

      Fill your hand full of confetti and very slowly blow it at the camera. It creates such a fun magical vibe! 
      Tinkerbell Costume DIY.

    27. Capture a celebratory birthday dance party

      Get down for your birthday, and keep the camera rolling to capture a celebration dance.

    28. Get a slow dancing spinning picture 

      Spin slowly and get a slow-motion shot. Feel free to caption it with “dancing into the new year” or something similar.

    29. Take pictures at your favorite restaurant 

      Lots of people use the moment to head to their favorite restaurant or snack stop and get some pictures. Let me tell you, fast food locations look fantastic! Capture something quintessentially you on your big day.

    30. Go on location to your favorite place 

      Do you love baseball games, concerts, or stop by a coffee shop every morning? Do you have a favorite city that just screams you? Snap pictures of your favorite things and locations to celebrate your big day.

    31. Grab a Mural Picture

      Find a mural that speaks to you either with a saying, image, or colors. Get some fun personality shots with a backdrop that fits your personality.
      Murals on Roosevelt Row

    32. Set up a celebratory picnic 

      You can hire companies to set these up for you and have a picnic party while you’re at the photoshoot. But of course, you can always grab a picnic basket, blanket, and a few fun birthday items for tons of fun birthday photoshoot ideas! Need some inspiration? Check out our romantic sunset picnic date

    33. Grab photo booth props 

      These are so inexpensive and so fun! Birthday-themed photo booth props make a great addition to any type of birthday picture. Seriously, great birthday banners are a dollar-store trip away! 
      Photo Booth Props

    34. Hold up a “Party Like It’s My Birthday” Sign 

      You can thank 50 Cent for coining this phrase. A chalkboard, printed sign, or letterboard all work perfectly!

    35. Hold up a “Birthday Girl” (or Birthday boy) sign 

      Make sure the world knows it’s your big day with a sign prop ready for the picture. They’re accessories you can easily find at party stores! 

    36. Print an “It Is Your Birthday” Sign 

      If you’re a fan of The Office, you know about the famous episode where Dwight and Jim become the birthday committee. Kelly’s birthday sign is printed on white paper and says “It Is Your Birthday” without an exclamation mark. Join the fun of this famous episode and recreate the banner for your birthday shoot.

      Flower crown flower themed party

    37. Wear a flower crown 

      These always look stunning, and remind you you’re the queen of the day!

    38. Wear a crown like royalty

      If you’re ready to feel like a literal queen (or princess, you do you), grab a crown for your pictures.
      golden wedding anniversary

    39. Dawn a formal dress
      Why not feel like a million bucks on your big day? It’s a great excuse to rock something formal and get formal portraits.


    40. Get a jumping picture 

      You’re jumping into a new year! Let your pictures help you tell that story. Plus, they’re always a lot of fun!


    41. Jump in a pool 

      Jump into this new year in style! Make sure you have high shutter speed enabled to get tons of pictures from start to splash.


    42. Have a pool party 

      Grab some friends and party hats and get some pictures in the pool to document your grown-up pool party.
      Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

    43. Take a walking picture down a road 

      Walk into the new year and new age with a birthday shot walking down a road. It’s symbolic of the road of life, and how you’re walking through it with your head held high.

    44. Get your friends and grab a group photo 

      Who doesn’t love the feeling of being invited to a birthday party? Document one with your friend group.
      Birthday photoshoot ideas headshots

    45. Sit on the hood of your car 

      This is a great pose that draws a lot of attention to the person on the car or truck. Not to mention it gives a nod to the 16th birthday getting a driver’s license. It’s a fun pose that somehow ties into a birthday well!

    46. Head to a rooftop and hold up those balloons 

      Get a gorgeous sunset or sunrise picture on a rooftop. A bunch of balloons photographs extra well in these locations!

    47. Hold a giant present 

      Feel free to remind the world you’re a gift! Or feel free to share what you hope to achieve this year or unwrap on your big day. 
      Holding a present birthday picture idea

    48. Get a picture with your mom 


      My mom always tells me birthdays are most important to you and your mother since you were the two who were there.

    49. Create a “death to the decade” photoshoot  

      There are particularly popular for 40th and 30th birthday photoshoots. Wear all black, get black balloons, and celebrate the death of the decade you just completed.

    50. Kids or significant other kissing your cheeks picture

      Let those you love most show how much they love you with a cheek kiss.
      Kissing Cheek Photos

    51. Hang a birthday banner

      A simple birthday banner is easy to find, and makes a great prop!

    52. Make a balloon arch 

      We’ve done these for our children’s birthdays, and there’s always such a wow factor to a balloon arch! Not to mention, you can buy a balloon arch kit that makes it super easy! 
      Balloon Arch Birthday Backdrop

    53. Create a streamer backdrop 

      Tape a bunch of streamers to the ceiling and enjoy your personal party set up for pictures.

    54. Do a styled-themed shoot 

      If you are not sure what this is or need some inspiration, search styled-themed shoots on Pinterest and find your favorite to inspire yours. 

    55. Hold up a “first day of school” style sign 

      Do you know those “First day of school” signs that say age, favorite food, etc.? This is a great time to make your own and add some humor for your birthday.

    56. Jump in a balloon pit 

      Fill up as many balloons as you can and jump in the pile!

    57. Jump in a ball pit 

      Feel like a kid again and channel those 90’s kid ball pit vibes for some fun and colorful photos. 
      Birthday Photoshoot Ideas

    58. Face peeking through a bunch of balloons 

      Fram your face with tons of balloons. You can either buy a bunch of helium balloons or blow up balloons and lie on the ground with balloons surrounding you.

    59. Dawn all the sparkles 

      I’m going to give you permission to dawn every bit of sparkle you want! Get a formal dress or a fun shirt. Feel free to buy that rhinestone headband. You do you, but make sure you sparkle for your big day! 

    60. Wear a birthday shirt

      There are so many cute birthday t-shirts. It’s a fun way to say it’s your birthday without actually having to say anything. 

    61. Make a custom birthday shirt 

      Why not pull out your Cricut and make a shirt as custom and special as you are? If you can’t do it, find a crafty friend to help! It’s all you need with your face and smile to capture this year. 

    62. Pinata Birthday Photo Shoot 

      Who doesn’t love the pinata birthday tradition? Buy yourself one and take some pictures smashing it open. 

    63. Put a party hat on you and your pet 

      Why not party with your pet? Get matching party hats and say cheese! 

    64. Get a closeup shot enjoying a slice of cake 

      You can usually buy a single slice of cake from bakeries, restaurants, and even grocery stores. A closeup bite makes it a fun take on birthday photoshoot ideas with cake. 

    65. Pose with LED Numbers 

      Light up your shoot with LED Light Numbers. They’re affordable, modern, and fun! 
      Birthday Picture Ideas

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