Must Take Disneyland Picture Ideas: The Most Instagramable Disneyland Spots

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Planning a trip to Disneyland or California Adventure in the near future? Here are the top 20 must take Disneyland picture ideas with the most Instagramable Disneyland spots to help you capture the magic!

Must Take Disneyland Picture Ideas: The Most Instagramable Disneyland Spots

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Planning a trip to Disneyland Resorts and ready to capture the magic with your camera? We’re sharing the must take Disneyland picture ideas with the 20 most Instagramable Disneyland spots (and most Instagramable California Adventure spots) for your next Disney Vacation!

The Top 20 Most Instagramable Disneyland Photo Locations

We’ve fallen in love with Disneyland Resorts this past year watching our toddler enjoy his favorite characters come to life and experience the magic as a family. If I’m being honest, we enjoyed Disneyland almost as much before we became parents. We’ve experienced a few Disneyland date nights together, and we’ve realized there are just some spots that make the best picture locations at Disneyland Resort.

We love riding rides, but snagging a few of the most Instagramable Disneyland spots is always on our list too. So we’re compiling our favorite must take Disneyland Picture Ideas and most Instagramable picture locations at Disneyland and California Adventure so you can plan where to take the best pictures at Disneyland Resorts for your next big trip!

Disneyland Picture Ideas

  1. In front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. It’s a classic for a reason, and you can always find a Disneyland photographer ready to help you get the perfect shot. I’d highly recommend taking pictures in the morning or at dusk in this location to get great lighting.
    20 Most Instagramable photo spots at Disneyland and California Adventure
  2. Next to the “And They Lived Happily Ever After” mural. This is one of those lesser-known gems that you’ll find just through the exit of the Off the Page shop in California Adventure. You can get a similar picture at Disneyland just behind Sleeping Beauty’s Castle with Prince Charming and Sleeping Beauty kissing in a painting. It’s the most appropriate place to take a cheesy kissing picture together that’s just oh so Instagramable Disney that not everyone else knows to take.
    20 Most Instagramable Disneyland spots
  3. Buy a Mickey shaped macaron at the Holly Jolly Bakery and take a picture from the porch with the park in the background.
    The 20 best Disneyland picture locations and Instagram picture ideas for your next Disneyland trip! Mickey Macaron
    Picture C/O Kaylynn from Among the Young

    Disneyland Pictures

  4. Stand next to the famous Walt and Mickey statue in the center of Main Street and get a picture with this classic Disney piece of history. And if you’re not into being in the picture, they are pretty photogenic on their own!Disneyland picture locations Walt with Mickey
  5. Hold a bunch of Mickey shaped balloons. Did you know they cast member selling balloons will let you have a photogenic moment with balloons in hand? They will hold on the very end, but gladly let you hold the middle of the hundreds of strings for a picture filled with balloon magic.
  6. Showing the hustle and bustle of Main Street USA. There’s an energy and excitement of almost everyone walking into Disneyland. It’s hard to beat capturing that crowd with your Disney apparel on and you looking great before a possibly very warm and or wet day (I’m looking at your Splash Mountain). Turn around when you walk into the park and let someone snap a picture of the excitement of starting your day. Main Street USA pictures are a must!

    Main Street USA picture idea with a list of the best picture ideas and photo spots at DisneylandDisneyland Character Pictures

  7. Get a picture with Mickey Mouse. There are several locations to do this. He’s always at his house in Toontown at Disneyland. He’s often just inside the main entrance to Disneyland. And, he’s almost always in the center of California Adventure. There’s nothing like a picture with the mouse, and photographers are usually ready to capture it for you.
    Mickey Mouse Instagramable Photo Op
  8. Buy a Matterhorn macaroon shaped like the Matterhorn mountain at the Jolly Holiday bakery and take a picture with the Matterhorn mountain next to it. It’s a delicious treat. And it also definitely lets the world know where you are and what you happily consuming with the amazing Disneyland treats.

    20 best picture ops at DisneylandMost Instagramable Disneyland Locations

  9. Right next to the Pixar Pier bridge and outside Ariel’s Undersea Adventure you can get the perfect shot of California Adventure’s Ferris wheel with Mickey’s head on it. It’s the perfect shot location for one of the most Instagramable locations at California Adventure.
    Best photo ideas at Disneyland Resort. Mickey Ferris Wheel
  10. Almost anywhere in Cars Land. There’s just nothing quite like Cars being completely recreated in one area of the park. Each spot shows a very Disney-esque photo drop. It can be the welcome to Cars Land sign (with a photographer typically standing by), a view of the street, getting a churro in front of the Cozy Cone Motel, or standing by the Route 66 sign.
    The most iconic and Instagramable DIsneyland photo ops
  11. Get on the Silly Symphony Swings with someone armed with a camera behind you. There’s a perfect shot that overlooks the lake, the pier, and grabs the Mickey Ferris Wheel perfectly.
  12. Head down Buena Vista Street at California Adventure for all kinds of Disneyland picture ops! At the end next to the Hyperion Theater, there’s a billboard set in the alley ready for the perfect picture to show you’re spending the day at California Adventure.

    20 Most Instagramable picture ideas and locations at Disneyland ResortMust-take Disneyland Pictures

  13. Head to Tomorrowland and find the Galaxy Wall. There’s often stormtroopers you can snag a picture with. You can also buy two churros and take a churro lightsaber picture with a galaxy far far away as your backdrop.
  14. Riding the teacups. Hello, perfect boomerang opportunity! They are so quintessential and so cute it’s hard to beat the fun and bright background! And if you can’t get the perfect Instagramable Disneyland pic riding the cups, there’s a stationary cup for photo ops across the ride by the Mad Hatter Shop.
  15. Put on your ears and head to It’s a Small World. A close-up shot with the iconic shapes of white and sky blue make it an easily recognizable location. Add your Mickey/Minnie Ears and you’re all set for classic Disney.
    Its a Small World photo idea. Disneyland top 20 instagramable pictures
  16. Any angle of The Dumbo Ride. Hop in with your favorite friend, significant other, or child and have someone ready to snap this memorable spot! Pictures turn out great from a bystander perspective, from the elephant in front of you looking back, or even a selfie that shows some elephants behind you. It’s another great boomerang moment you don’t want to miss!

    Best Disneyland Photo Ideas and the 20 most Instagramable DIsneyland photo ideas in the park! Best Picture Locations at Disneyland

  17. Take a picture of everyone in your group holding their ticket in a circle together from an overhead shot. There’s no denying where you are and that you’re keeping great company at Disneyland!
  18. Try to get the front spot at Splash Mountain and coordinate everyone in your group leaning a different way as you head down the mountain. While there, get a group selfie of everyone smiling and screaming together enjoying the ride.
  19. You can never go wrong with your favorite character! Check out the park map or app and times characters appear and plan time to get a picture with your favorite.20 Best Disneyland picture ideas and locations for your next trip
  20. Hold up the park map next to your favorite colorful building. It’s a creative way to show where you are with a little bit different take on experiencing Disneyland.

I don’t think there’s a bad place in the Happiest Place on Earth to take a picture, but these are definitely some of the best picture ideas at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Therefore they make the most of your trip and be Instagram-ready to share your Disneyland vacation!
The Top 20 Disneyland and California Adventure Photo Ideas and Locations
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