How to Do Disneyland Pregnant

Doing Disneyland Pregnant: When to go, rides you can go on pregnant, and making the most out of your trip!

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Can I go to Disneyland pregnant? Will I have any fun? What rides can you ride at Disneyland while prenant? All these questions answered and tips for making the most out of Disneyland when you’re visiting pregnant!

Disneyland Pregnant: Disneyland rides you can go on, tips for making the most of the experience, and the best time while pregnant to visit Disneyland
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Can I Do Disneyland Pregnant?

That was my first thought the moment my husband told me he had big plans to take the family to Disneyland for my birthday.

“Yikes, I’ll be 14 weeks, can I even do Disneyland Pregnant?”

A little bit of research, a little bit of prep, and a lot of pregnant at Disneyland determination later, I told him to book the trip and decided to answer my own question. Yes, you can do Disneyland while pregnant!

pregnant at disneyland

Disneyland While Pregnant

When I did some research online I was pretty disappointed in the recommendations I read. The top search yielded a girl saying you just avoid all rides and decide to enjoy parades. She also mentioned plan at least one nap. While naps are always great pregnant, I really kept thinking, honestly, will I have any fun at Disneyland while pregnant?

When it comes to the expense (even with our favorite discount tickets trick), I like to make sure it’s worth it! For me, a few parades and a nap weren’t going to justify paying for and doing Disneyland pregnant.

I decided to read what Disney had to say and to think logically through my own park plan. I was still feeling so queasy (let’s be honest, this whole pregnancy I’ve struggled). What would actually be fun, doable, and how could I make the most of Disneyland pregnant?

Disneyland rides you can go on pregnant

The Best Time to Go to Disneyland While Pregnant

I took a breath of relief when we hopped on our first ride, Pirates of the Carribean, and found another family with a toddler the same age as ours in front of us. The ride was stopped for about 15 minutes for some reason, so we started to chat. She was eight months pregnant! I was impressed! I told her I was 14 weeks, and we talked a bit about the best time to go to Disneyland while pregnant.

She and I had the same philosophy: if my two-year-old can ride it, I should be good too! I have a few acceptions to this, but I’ll address those separately. We talked a lot about the timing of pregnancy. She was a bit concerned that she would swell and have a hard time walking the park. I was concerned I may ruin a child’s day should they see me throwing up in the bushes with morning sickness. We both agreed if you can get out of the higher risk time of those first 12 weeks of development, but not quite be in your third trimester, that’s a great time.

I felt really safe being 14 weeks pregnant. Although I was still queasy, but I was getting more energy and was up to walking the park! I think early in the second trimester is your best time to go to Disneyland when you’re pregnant.

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What Disneyland rides are safe during pregnancy?

I have to give the full disclaimer that I’m not a doctor, you should talk to your doctor, and there is always a risk going on any ride. Please note I’m just one mom speaking to another expecting mom here.

But basically, this theory held true and worked well for me. If my toddler can ride it, I should be good too! Now, this also included a bit of common sense. We got on Autotopia while dad enjoyed Space Mountain (my favorite!) for me. I watched a kid rear-end another car while we were starting and panic struck! I knew instantly this wasn’t a good choice! Luckily we made it through without any collisions or bumping, but I noted that’s one to avoid while pregnant.

I also avoided the roller coaster in Tune Town, any bumper cars in California Adventure, and of course, all the fun rides my toddler wasn’t tall enough to go on.

I made three personal exceptions. 1. I went on Star Tours. I have been on it enough I knew where to brace myself for a jerk and I felt like I’d be okay at those couple spots. That was totally a personal choice that may not be for everyone! I also went on Soarin’ and the Cars Ride. I once again felt I knew them well, they were fairly smooth and I did need a little speed to feel the thrill of a ride to help me really enjoy Disneyland pregnant.

Pregnant at Disneyland: tips and tricks to make the most of your vacation

Other Visiting Disneyland Pregnant Tips

Keep yourself hydrated! It’s so easy even when it’s cold to get distracted. Make sure you have plenty of water and you plan plenty of bathroom breaks.

Plan some rest and breaks. We didn’t go during parade season- darn it! I would have loved sitting and watching. But we did plan to go places we could sit. The Tikki Room felt great, plus hey, Dole Whips! We enjoyed watching a few more shows. I planned to sit on the benches while dad and toddler rode a few rides. We did go back to the hotel for naps most days. A little rest went a long way!

Disneyland Pregnant Tips

Get the best walking shoes you can! I’ve written a post about my favorite travel shoes, let me tell you Disneyland is my favorite place to wear great shoes! I do the most walking those days. Disneyland pregnant is the perfect excuse!

If you can book character dining, do! Enjoy a really good meal and sitting down relaxing for part of the day. We like to do Goofy’s Kitchen for lunch or dinner to get a true break and some rest. It was excellent to eat a lot of healthy foods and enjoy the salad bar. The baby loved it too! It’s fun for everyone and your pregnant feet and back will thank you.

And I have to add, we love booking our trips through Getaway Today. We’re always shocked the deals they find us, and they make Disneyland trips so affordable we often get to go twice a year instead of once! Be sure to check them out if you have any Disney trips planned, they are one of the only ways to get discount tickets!

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  1. Alicia Snow says:

    I went when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Taylor and went on almost all the rides (besides the bigger rides like Space Mountain/Guardians of the Galaxy/etc). It’s totally doable, but I was definitely sore the next day after all that walking.

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