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The Best Star Wars Books for Kids

Star Wars lovers rejoice: there are a ton of great Star Wars Books for Kids from baby years to pre-teen! Here’s a roundup of Star Wars Books kids will love!

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Baby Star Wars Books: Ages 0-3

Are you looking to grab that first Star Wars book and start your baby off with a love of the Star Wars series? Try these Star Wars books for babies!

Star Wars Books for Babies

Star Wars books for babies. Grab these baby Star Wars books to start your littlest Jedi fan off right!

Star Wars Children’s Books: Pre-K (Ages 3-5)

If you love to sit and read to your kids, and also want them to love Star Wars stories, don’t miss out on these children’s Star Wars books!

Star Wars Books for Kids: Pre-K

Excellent Star Wars Books for Kids. Books to read to your pre-k-aged children (ages 3-5).

Star Wars Early Readers

If you have someone just learning to read and practicing the basics, these are for you! One way to help spark a love of reading and a desire to practice is through a set of readers with a subject they’re interested in. I’m betting if you’re reading this post, Stars Wars is one of those things for your kids!

I owe several of these series some major credit for helping my son move from an emerging reader to a chapter book lover! I hope they do the same for your early reader too!

Star Wars Reader Books for Kids Learning to Read

The Best Star Wars Books

Children’s Star Wars Books for Emerging Readers: 5-8

When they’re ready to graduate from early readers and start reading more independently, these children’s Star Wars Books for early readers are a great place to start!
This roundup includes easy-to-read books, Star Wars comics for kids, and plenty of Star Wars Graphic Novels for kids.

Star Wars Books for Kids: Emerging Readers Age 5-8

When kids are graduating from readers, but still not quite ready for full chapter books, these Star Wars Books for kids are the way to go!

Star Wars Chapter Books for Kids: Ages 8-12

Welcome to chapter books, and stories that Star Wars lovers will enjoy! Here are a bunch of great age-appropriate books as well as Star Wars chapter books series to check out!
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Star Wars Chapter Books

Once you have a reader on your hands, you know the joy and struggle of finding great books for them to enjoy! For all the Star Wars loving kids who are reading for chapter books, here's a round-up of excellent Star Wars Chapter Books

Star Wars Activity Books

We do quiet time daily in our home. One of the big secrets to making this work has been having at-home activities for kids on hand.

Because my kids love Star Wars so much, Star Wars activities and Star Wars activity books have helped keep their interest! They also make the perfect consumable gift for holidays and birthdays!

Star Wars Activity Books for Kids

Keep Star Wars loving kids entertained with these fun Star Wars Activity books for kids!

Easy Add to Cart

If you’re ready to snag a few of the best Star Wars books, this shopping tool makes it easy! Add the ones you’d like to purchase to your cart all at once, and when you click checkout, they’ll be automatically added to your Amazon cart. You can review and complete checkout on Amazon.

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