GoNoodle for Kids

Gonoodle for kids

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If you need to help kids get the wiggles out or get some exercise when you’re stuck inside, you should check out GoNoodle for kids!

Gonoodle for kids
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Long before my son entered elementary school, we learned about Go Noodle. We We spent time with older cousins and came home with a newfound love of a FREE resource many schools utilize to help kids get moving! Seriously, GoNoodle for kids is one of those things every parent should know about!

It’s perfect for indoor recess, a brain break, or just to channel that hyper energy every parent knows all-too-well. 

Naturally, it’s part of our Camp Mom summer program summer routine and summer schedule (and even daily schedule) to keep my kids active and mom a lot saner.

What is Go Noodle? 

It’s an interactive program of short movies kids move and dance to. Schools use it as an alternative to recess or for a quick brain break. Additionally, parents use the their family program to help promote activity.

What is GoNoodle Used for?

It’s designed to promote movement and help kids get their wiggles out! They’re often known as GoNoodle Brain Breaks. Teachers use GoNoodle for kids in school to help kids get a learning break and be active.

Go Noodle Videos for Kids

How long are the movies? 

They’re fairly short! Only about 2-4 minutes. But you can certainly watch several back-to-back. This is a great way to keep kids moving for as long as you need (or they need)! 

How much does the program cost? 

It’s free! There’s a family program and a school program. The family program is available on their website, and also through their YouTube channel.

What are good GoNoodle videos to get started with?

  • Can’t Stop the Feeling GoNoodle Trolls Mashup
    This may be their most popular song and video. There are several GoNoodle collaborations with movies, networks, and artists. This is one of those songs that is loved by so many children. Also, it’s a great workout to dance along to.
  • Popping Bubbles
    This is a great one if you have younger kids or are just starting out. Even toddlers and preschoolers can follow along, and it’s a catchy song!
  • Banana Banana Meatball
    This was our first GoNoodle movie! Let me tell you, it made my day to see older nieces and nephews show younger cousins the ropes! It’s a dance-along movie that’s great for all ages! Also, you may get the catchy song stuck in your head for a few days.
  • GoNoodle Youtube Playlists
    If you want to turn it on and let kids get their wiggles out for more than a video, find one of their YouTube playlists and you’ll get about 10 in a row with a set theme.
GoNoodle Brain Break

When’s a Good Time to Use GoNoodle for Kids?

I use GoNoodle for kids to get us through days that we’re stuck inside. The Arizona heat is no joke! When my kids ask to go play outside and I know it’s not possible without heat stroke, it’s a great time! That’s the top moment that we turn on a GoNoodle video!

When my kids are bouncing off the walls with a ton of energy, hello GoNoodle for kids movies!

If my kids are having a hard time focusing and completing simple tasks, it’s time for a little Go Noodle!

Truly, there’s really not a bad time, and if you’re stuck inside with a lot of energetic children, you’re going to love this free resource for families!

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