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Summer Schedule + Summer Routine Planner and Organizer

A summer schedule planner and organizer to help you organize your summer schedule, meals, chores, and more this summer!

We know so many of you are getting out of school this week, and I feel the need to congratulate you on surviving the weirdest school year in history! I know you’ve adjusted schedules and systems a billion times, and become a champion at shifting routines. 

But we want you to feel like you have a helping hand this summer, which is why we created the Camp Mom series! So many people have already grabbed our 150 Summer Activities list with a free printable to plan summer fun. We’ve also given away a few freebies to help you plan and organize some summer systems that work. 

The more I looked at the fun summer schedule and summer routine ideas we’ve shared, the more I felt like so many moms would benefit from all our printables in one place. I also knew it wouldn’t take much to add in some extra resources and bundle it as a summer planner for moms with everything you need in one place! 

Summer Planner and Organizer


Here’s what’s included in this summer planner: 

It’s 16 uniquely designed pages to get your summer organized! You can print as many of each individual design you need to get you through the summer. 

  • Summer Planner title page
  • Summer Planner contents title page 
  • Dividers for each plan/organization section (6 total) 
  • Summer schedule at a glance 
  • Weekly Routine Planner 
  • Weekly planner template (that you can print multiple times or laminate) to help you organize your weekly schedule 
  • Meal Planning Template 
  • Chore Chart for daily chores 
  • Chore Chart for bigger projects you want to complete 
  • Notes for important details you need to keep track of 
    Weekly Summer Planner

This is one we’ve spent a lot of time and effort creating. Also, it isn’t a 2021 summer planner specific. We made sure you can get it once, and download it, again and again, every year to help you organize your summer plans. Summer planner for moms.

Grab Your Digital Planner Download HERE! 



Not displaying in your browser? You can grab it AT THIS LINK too! 


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