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20 Easter Basket Alternatives

You’ll love these 20 Easter Basket Alternatives with unexpected, cute, and practical alternatives to a traditional Easter basket.

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Experience Gift Easter Basket Alternatives

  • Museum pass in a backpack 
    Summer is right around the corner, and it’s a great time get a museum or fun center pass! Gift the pass in a new backpack with a water bottle and anything they’ll need for summer fun!
  • Popcorn maker with movies
    We use our silicon popcorn popper at least once a week during family movie night. It’s fun to use as a quick and cheap snack during summer too.
    Gift a silicon popcorn popper as an Easter Basket Alternative, stuff it with movie tickets, a summer movie pass, or a DVD case.
  • Sock bin with Grip socks a jump center pass
    Did I just oust what my own children are getting for an Easter basket alternative? Yes, yes I did!
    We’ll use a jump center/fun center pass all summer long. My kids will need a lot of grip socks to use (and honestly lose) through the summer. A storage bin with socks and the pass is the perfect experience gift for Easter!

Outdoor Fun Easter Basket Ideas

  • Bucket with Sand Toys
    Hello beach days, lake days, and park days up ahead! A fresh set of sand toys in a storage bucket is perfect for preschoolers, babies, and toddlers!
  • Beach Bag and Swim Supplies
    I invested in this beach bag last summer for swim lessons, and immediately thought I should have used it as an Easter basket alternative! I know many families gift new swimsuits or swim toys for Easter. It’s a fun way to usher in summer! Try placing them in a beach bag or swim bag that will get plenty of use!
  • Beach Towel
    I’ve seen so many crafty parents fold a beach towel to look like a basket! But you could do a simple fold with anything swim-related and be all set for summer!
  • Flower Pot with Outdoor Toys
    A flower put feels like spring, and stores outdoor toys very well!
  • Tote with Sidewalk Chalk
    If you have a little one, sidewalk chalk is a must for spring and summer! It’s easy to find large totes with sidewalk chalk packs. These are perfect Easter basket alternatives all ready to use and play with!
Easter Basket Alternatives

Summer Fun Ready Easter Baskets

  • Car organizer with travel supplies 
    Grab useful summer fun items ready for travel! We love Water Wow, Magic Ink, and paint-by-sticker books. Instead of buying a basket, get an organizer or tote to hold the supplies that you will use for travel and time in the car!
  • Mini Suitcase
    If you’re traveling anywhere the next year, take this opportunity to gift a mini suitcase. You can add a few fun travel activities to make it feel extra exciting!
  • Storage Box with Art Supplies
    There’s nothing like a set of fresh art supplies, and it’s been at least six months since back-to-school time. Use this time to grab some fresh crayons, markers, colored pencils, watercolors, and a sketchpad. Choose a storage box to stash them and use it as the basket.
  • A colander filled with baking supplies
    Whether your kid loves to bake, or just loves cookies, this is a great gift idea! Grab some kid-friendly baking kits or supplies, and promise a few baking sessions together.

Practical Fun Items for Easter Baskets

  • Basket of nail supplies
    If you have a kid, teenager, or even adult who loves to do their nails, this is for them! Grab new nail polish, a nail trimming kit, nail stickers, or some press-on nails. Find a cute storage basket and fill it with at-home nail supplies.
  • Rain Boots
    April showers are here, and a cute pair of rain boots are a perfect alternative to an Easter basket! Fill them with some treats and a few fun goodies and you’re set!
  • New Shoes
    Similar to rain boots, a cute pair of new shoes stuffed with Easter goodies is always a fun way to celebrate gifting something practical!
  • New Water Bottler/Tumbler
    Here’s another incredibly useful gift that’s easy to stuff with a few small Easter treats! We love to gift a gift card to somewhere adventurous that they’ll need to hydrate while participating in!

Fun Easter Basket Alternatives

  • Library Book Tote and New Books
    My kids love to read, and I think it’s due to the number of books that appear as holiday gifts. For Easter, it’s fun to grab a few bestselling children’s book favorites or a new chapter book for older readers. Gifting them in a book tote we’ll use at the library all summer makes for a great basket alternative!
  • Box of treats
    Ditch the stuff and grab the consumables they’ll love! We do family movie nights on the weekends, and I know a box full of movie theater candy to enjoy would be the biggest hit!
  • Stuffed animal holding a treat
    Use the stuffed animal as a basket alternative, and let them hold a gift/treats.
  • Toy dump truck
    Both my kids have played with this dump truck endlessly! It would be a darling Easter basket alternative full of treats and Easter gifts for kids in the back.

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