Paint By Sticker Books: The Best Mosaic Sticker Book Roundup

The Best Paint by Sticker Books

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A roundup of the best mosaic sticker book options including Paint by Sticker Books and paint by number sticker books

Paint by Sticker Books

Wanna know my parenting secret weapon? Sticker books have literally made my job possible through the pandemic, dinner ready most nights, church with young kids doable, and my sanity saved more than I should admit! More specifically, paint by sticker books. 

I have a huge post coming rounding up several different types of sticker books, but I realized our most used and loved deserved its own post! Mosaic sticker books are a staple in our house, and I’m not kidding when I say we’ve spent a small fortune trying every type.

Paint by Sticker Books

I first learned about Paint by Sticker Books at Alt Summit in 2016 when I went with a newborn baby. Workman Publishing was a sponsor, and they gave sample Paint by Sticker Adult books just as they launched. I was impressed! And made a mental note that they’d be fun to do as an adult, and perfect for older children. 

Fast forward five years later and the Paint by Sticker Kids line is launching new books every year! There are also several other companies that create amazing mosaic sticker books. As we’ve learned to use and love these, we’ve truly tried them all! 

Here’s a roundup of the best mosaic sticker books for kids, sorted by skill level so you can find the perfect sticker book for your kids (of yourself!). 

The Best Paint by Sticker Books

The Best Sticker Art Books  

Sticker Mosaic Books: Sticker by Number Books for Kids Intermediate Level

Sticker Mosaic Books for preschoolers to early elementary-aged kids. If they know at least most of their numbers and can match shapes, this roundup of books is perfect for them!

These are great for those ready to move beyond beginner books.

Paint By Sticker Kids

The original Paint by Sticker books by Workman Publishing took the world by storm with this concept. Many others followed with their own versions.

But the Paint by Sticker Kids books are all truly top-notch with so many great options!

Mosaic Sticker Art Books

Sticker Art Books for Seasoned Kids and Adults

If you're looking for a Paint by Sticker Adult book, they're a great option for more than just adults! Most kids really get the matching skills down with the kid books and are ready to move up. These make great books for advanced kids, teens, and adults who love a great anxiety-reducing activity!

photos: Chrissy Blake

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