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Summer Camp Ideas At Home: Camp Mom Series

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Ready to cut screen time, make memories, have the best summer, and have someone else plan it for you? Welcome to Camp Mom: Summer Camp Ideas at Home-  the 2024 series!

Summertime Fun

If you’re a mom, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the memes about how summer goes with children. 

May/June: Let’s go to the park! Camping! Learning! Creating! Best summer ever! 

July/August: Here’s the remote. Netflix is your parent now. 

I don’t know a single mom who doesn’t start the summer off with all the hopes and dreams to create the best summer ever. We are full of summer camp ideas, ready to flourish! 

And then after a few weeks, we start to see the problems: 

  • I’m exhausted! 
  • I’m feeling broke! 
  • We’re all spending too much time together 
  • I’m feeling behind in my work and projects 

These are common problems! 

As a former marathoner, I’ve seen what it’s like to watch people start excited and energized, and then burn off all their energy and drive the first few miles! It just doesn’t yield the results they’re hoping for. 

A Year Moms Could Use Some Extra Help

Also, aren’t moms feeling extra tired this year, ready for a break from kids before summer break even begins? Most of the moms I know have survived so much burden the past three years and are just coming up for air! Summer feels like an extension of demands on moms who are just starting to catch their breath. 

Aside from that, most moms have adjusted to the billion extracurricular activities and demands of being a chauffeur. I know most people I’ve talked to have said it’s felt like a steep curve to go from being in charge of everything to being in charge of getting kids to everything. 
I know we’re balancing overwhelm from so much time, to overwhelm with so much to catch up on! Most moms could actually use a summer break to recharge themselves! 

And yet, studies are showing most moms feel the pressure to show up, create fun, and cultivate positive experiences like never before. We want that fun! We’re all hoping for positive memories and to help our children really thrive. All while trying to fit in work, and home responsibilities, and maintain other relationships. 

Fun Summer Camp Ideas at Home

You guys, we feel the pain and also the hope, and we’re here to help! Introducing…

Camp Mom: 

I had this overwhelming feeling back in 2020 that it was time to create a program that helps moms and kids have their best summer yet! The goal was and is to make summer as easy as possible for moms! Particularly for those who have already put in overtime all year long. 

The results were amazing! THOUSANDS of families joined in and said the systems and ideas saved summer! It felt more doable. It felt more fun. And best of all, it transitioned mom dread into mom excitement!

Families LOVED CAMP MOM, and we decided it was time to make sure we brought it back with a new and improved version! 

We’re doing all the heavy lifting helping you plan fun, plan systems, and keep kids and your house their best this summer! 

What It Is: Summer Camp Ideas At Home

So, friends, this isn’t a one-off post of summer camp at-home ideas. This is going to be an entire series with hundreds of helpful ideas and systems to set up Camp Mom! 

We want to help you declare “I’m not like a regular mom, I’m a cool mom!” And do it with a summer full of fun! But we also want you to feel balanced and not wear yourself and your kids out, and burn through your budget in the first few weeks of summer. You can do this! It’s not hard to balance things with a few key systems and plans. 

Over the next few days, we will be sharing help to set up systems that work so your kids can build a lot of independent skills. But also, so you can have plenty of fun and bonding time even with tight schedules and your own work hours. 

There will be a few emails a week to help you plan activities and systems for the best summer for kids (and yourself)! 

How Do I Sign Up? 


We will share regular posts here, so be sure to sign up for our RSS email alerts so you don’t miss one! 

But also, get our on Camp Mom email list so we can send helpful resources, deals, tips, and daily ideas for summer fun and activities to keep everyone thriving in your household! 

We’re full of summer camp ideas, and want you to feel empowered to have the best summer of your lives while you create memories and raise successful, happy children. 

Camp Mom: Summer Camp Ideas for a memorable is kicking off early so you have some time to prepare and budget so you can hit the ground running on day one this summer. 

Come join us, and please feel free to share and invite your mom friends! We’re all in this together, and we want families everywhere to thrive this summer! 

Photos: Chrissy Blake

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