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Sea Life Aquarium Family Date

Date Info:
Sea Life Aquarium- great for a family date or a couple date night!
Price: Single visits are $35, but they run a lot of deals to make it about $25 (or less!) a person with kids 3 and under free. It may be worth buying a family pass too if your family plans to go more than once.
Location: Sea Life Aquarium in Scottsdale, Arizona

Places to take kids in Phoenix.

Aquarium family day.

Based solely on the fact that our pediatricians have a fish tank in their office, we knew our little man would be a big fan of an aquarium, so much so that when we saw the summer promotions to get a family pass for the price of two visits, we went ahead and made the purchase to get a season pass before we even stepped foot into the aquarium. And after our first family date there, we’re already pretty positive we made a very good decision!

Odysea Aquarium shark tank.

I loved watching my toddler get so excited about all the sea life creatures. He spent a lot of time sitting smiling at the friendly stingy ray who swam by. I learned at Sea World years ago stingrays are incredibly social and they splash people and swim by for attention. I was cracking up at the smiles we’d see on their faces when our little man got all excited and waved and shrieked when they would come by. We also are terrible parents and couldn’t stop laughing when a very large one appeared out of nowhere and made us all jump, and our baby cried for about five minutes after. Nature is wonderful, amazing, and terrifying!

Family activities in Scottsdale Arizona.

I also really loved people watching while we stopped to eat a snack or sit down for a few minutes. There were lots of families enjoying a family date together, lots of couples dressed up holding hands and enjoying a date night together, older families, younger families, teenage groups taking a million selfies with sharks, and everything in-between. It warmed my heart to see so much memory making and happiness. Places that seem to interest all people and create a really fun memory are some of the best! We will definitely be back with our little man. But, we will also be back for a date night just the two of us!

Scottsdale Arizona aquarium.

Aquarium in Arizona.

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