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Las Vegas Getaway: Coca-Cola Factory

Adjacent to the M&M Factory is the Coca-Cola Factory off the Las Vegas strip. We headed over there for what I’m going to label as a must-do date if you’re in Vegas.

Las Vegas Coca-Cola Factory

If you were thinking “Camille, I can get a dirty Diet Coke less than 3 miles from my house” first of all, good for you! Second of all, don’t worry, that’s not what I was going to say. But by all means, you can do that for a date in your area.
The Coca-Cola Company has drinks from all around the world available to try for only $7.00. It’s kind of like an adventure seeing what flavors are popular around the world, and then giving them a try. This was something we just couldn’t pass up!

And, if I’m being honest, I saw Lift Manzana from Mexico and my heart sang. I did a study abroad in Mexico when I was an undergrad, and I lived in a very poor village with a very poor host family. The water was always questionable, and even though I was not a soda drinker of any kind at the time, I turned to this beverage to keep me alive when giardia was in question. I adore it. It’s like sparkling apple cider, but in a can. The offering had me pretty quickly interested since this stuff is a little challenging to find in the U.S.

So we ordered an “Around The World Tray” and grabbed a table.

creative date idea vegas


There are two trays, each with eight sampling options.


Coca-Cola Factory Las Vegas beverage taste test tray.

We used our key to guide us. Each of us would try one, and then trade with the other to make sure we could claim we tried them all.

This face became the norm- we just didn’t know what to expect with each. Some are close to American soda, some are extra sweet, some a little bitter, and some had flavors we wouldn’t think belonged in a soda!
creative date idea


creative date idea

In the end, we decided we each could claim two the victor as our favorites. And surprisingly, we did not agree on this at all!

Jacob loved the Smart Watermelon from Japan and the Bibo Kiwi Mango from South Africa.

I was a big fan of from Lift Manzana from Mexico (big shocker, I know) and Kinley Lemon from England.

Why we put ourselves through the unknown food tastes, I can’t answer. But there’s definitely a reason why the  Harry Potter Bertie Botts Every Flavour Jelly Beans are popular, and I’d liken this experience to that. Well, maybe this was better, I had no risk of a vomit-flavored soda. And truthfully, most were good and it was really fun to try them all.

$7 later, it’s a date I’d say you really need to do if ever in Vegas!

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  1. Lauren @ Lot Forty Eight says:

    I am going to Vegas this weekend and want to go there is it right next to the Mgm grand?

  2. Alicia Snow says:

    I want to go to there. We frequent Bevmo quite often to pick up unique soda brands so this is right up our alley.

  3. Katie Elizabeth Hawkes says:

    OK this is super fun. And….APPLE SODA!! Have you had Manzana Sol in the 2-liters from either Food City or Walmart? Is it comparable? I loooove that stuff.

  4. We definitely aren't either- and still have a blast in Vegas!

  5. Leanne Redding says:

    Daniel and I keep talking about going, and we aren't into gambling or drinking, so this is encouraging!

  6. Miss Riss says:

    How fun! I'd been to the M&M factory but not the Coke one. This looks really neat!

  7. Budget Splurge Beauty says:

    Sounds fun, and if you ever find yourself at Disney World in florida there is a Coca cola store in Epcot that has the same thing, but free! the cups are smaller but you can have as many as you want. It tickled me to see in this post ( and at epcot) Inca Kola….my boyfriend's mother is from Peru and their whole family is obsessed with that stuff. I can't stand it lol what were your thoughts on it? If you can remember.