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Las Vegas Getaway: M&M Factory

One awesome and free thing to do in Las Vegas is to hit up the M&M Factory.

M&M Factory Las Vegas

The M&M Factory Las Vegas is on the South side of the Strip, and hard to miss with the big M&M character and Peanut M&M package. Good choice there M&M, because peanut M&Ms are my vice. I could eat them all day long and they always sound good. Way to lull me in!

And can you find it in the pic? See, I’m implementing a Where’s Waldo/Dora The Explorer interaction here, to make things more fun. If you’re a Dora fan, feel free to yell at your screen the location when you find it. You can also sing a song about the right side if you want to too. This is your moment.

Las Vegas M&M Factory Location

It’s such a fun place to visit. There is any product you can think of with an M&M character printed on it, we’re talking 4 floors of things! The best floor, was the floor with every color M&M you could buy by the pound. If you’re a chocolate fan, this place is heaven.

Visiting the M&M Factory Las Vegas

This was self-restraint at its finest, I did not purchase any Peanut M&Ms. I guess the holidays kept me in check reminding me I’d rather keep my insulin in check and save my sugar budget for baked goods. But boy were all those M&M Factory options tempting!

M&M Chocolate Factory Las Vegas

 Visiting M&M World Las Vegas

M&M World Las Vegas
There’s plenty of photo ops too. So if you’re really there just to Instagram something off the Las Vegas Strip, this is a great idea! It’s also a family-friendly Las Vegas activity that you could easily take the kids to. People of all ages seemed to love exploring the area and taking their pics with M&Ms.
Las Vegas M&M Factory Tour and Shop
If you need a free Vegas date, definitely check this one out! It’s one of those fun, free things to do that will leave you loving chocolate factories in Las Vegas even more!

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  1. Shannon Brown says:

    Nice! We haven't been to the M&M store yet. There is actually another (smaller) one off the strip at Ethel M Chocolate Factory (it is owned by M&M and Mars). It's a fun excursion because you can watch them make the chocolates and oh my, they all taste amazing! Plus, there is a really cool cactus garden on site. Check it out the next time you're in Vegas! Or, just make sure you purchase some Ethel M in the airport! 🙂