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Questions to Ask Kids: 5 Questions to Ask Every Day and Why


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I’ve been so lucky to have some of the best parents influence my life! I’m a firm believer that just spending time with someone can help make you a better person. This is why I’ve always been grateful for amazing parents and grandparents who have been positive forces in my life! 

One of my favorite things my mom did was always prioritize being home after school to help us debrief our day. My kids are still young, but I’ve learned that an afternoon snack time has the same effect.

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But I’ve learned one amazing thing from my husband’s family that has made this connection time even more meaningful. 

I never got the chance to meet my husband’s grandmother, she passed away when we were newlyweds and the timing never worked out. But I was able to attend her funeral where her children told so many stories that forever changed me as a mother. She raised 10 children, and they are all amazingly kind, confident, sensitive, intelligent, and fun-loving people.

There was one specific thing multiple children mentioned that I decided I definitely needed to include in my motherhood practices. Every day she had a list of questions to ask kids with very specific purposes behind them. I smiled hearing how these questions helped connect parents and children. But I really love that they instilled perspective changes that forever impacted children. 

As a former teacher who took many child and adolescent development classes, I’ve also really valued the idea of small daily parent-child connection moments. When you can catch your kids at a crossroads, ie: after school, between activities, before they go to bed, etc. I’ve found it’s a great time to connect. 

5 Question to Ask Kids Every Single Day

5 Questions to Ask Kids Everyday and Why You Should Ask Them

What was the best part of your day? 

– This teaches kids to focus on the positive. No matter how bad a day was, there is bound to be one good part that was their favorite. Long-term, kids learn to be more optimistic and positive. 

What are you proud of that you did today? 

Some days these answers are impressive accomplishments you’d never hear as a parent. But some days you may hear about a video game or their ability to sneak a treat. But something amazing happens when kids think this way: you open up the idea that they are worthy of positive praise and capable to doing things that make themselves proud. This fosters higher self-esteem. Also, it helps with motivation. If they don’t have much to report one night, it’s an easy conversation to talk about what they could do tomorrow. Parents can really take this moment to express love and encouragement with praise of even the small things. 

What was the most challenging part of your day? 

Kids need opportunities to open up to parents in a safe, calm setting. Sometimes they’ll volunteer issues or problems you’d never hear about otherwise. Sometimes they need a safe place to talk about anxiety or problems. 

I know parents who have discovered they need to find a tutor, a friendship isn’t going well, or even anxiety and depression signs early. 

They may not have anything to say, but asking and offering love and support helps you build trust. It also helps you catch problems and teach problem-solving skills early. 

Easy after school snacks. Easy after school snacks.

How did you help someone else today? 

I remember learning in a class that children literally can’t think abstractly (outside of themselves) until age 14-16. Let me tell you, junior high teachers deserve medals for that very reason! 

But when you stop to help young children think about others, you start to help them form that selfless abstract thinking much earlier. You can teach them service and kindness. And most of all, they learn to be a good person and help others instead of just themselves. 

Do you need anything from me? 

Guess how I uncovered my oldest child’s love language is physical touch? I was shocked to hear a snuggle the first time I asked this! 

I’ve uncovered that he needs a supply for school, he’s like help cleaning his room, or he’s frustrated with a younger sibling. It also gives him a chance to feel a connection and know I really care about the details of his life. 

Bonus: What’s something you’re grateful for today? 

I love teaching my children to be polite and kind, but a big piece of that is realizing gratitude. I’ve found the more we talk about this, the more my kids randomly thank me just for feeding them or being with them. It’s truly a sweet thing to raise a kid who sees what they have, and has a thankful heart! So if there’s time or he dodges any of the above, I try to ask what he’s grateful for. 

Questions to Ask Kids Every Single Day

I hope my husband’s amazing late grandmother inspired you too! Daily questions and quick check-ins make a huge difference! And picking up some Del Monte® Fruit Cup® Snacks from the Albertsons is always a great choice to accompany any conversation! 

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