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School Supply List: The Supplies You Should Stock Up On!

A school supply list on the items your kid will need, use, and will promote learning. Perfect for preschoolers, kindergarteners, and early elementary-aged kids!

I feel like this is the first school year that feels somewhat normal in many years. It’s an exciting time to go back to school, and it’s a year we get to prep for all the activities and school supplies! 

Whether you home school or send your kids to school, now is the time to snag all the deals and stock up on school supplies! 

Where can I find great deals on back-to-school supplies? 

Target is having an amazing sale right now! 

Walmart is also promoting back-to-school sales

And you can find a lot of individual items on deals/with coupons at Amazon too! 

Elementary School Supplies List

One thing that I think is certain for all parents in any setting, is the need to be prepared to tackle certain projects at home. 

The time to snag elementary school supplies is now! When these items are on sale, setting up a school supplies station at home sets up your student for creativity and success with the tools they need all year! 

Kindergarten Supply List

Homeschool Supplies (or At-Home Projects Supplies) 

Because kids can’t finish projects with supplies at school, and things just take more time, there’s a greater need to have a stash of individual supplies at home. 

Particularly for those looking for a Preschool School Supplies list, Kindergarten Supplies list, or early elementary school supplies list, this is for you! 

I’d grab several of these items to have on hand to complete projects at home. And while there are amazing sales, I’d grab a few Kindergarten supplies to send with your student for their teacher to use too! 

I can’t say it enough, while they’re so cheap, I’d get at least two of these items, one for in-school learning, and one for homeschool learning and homework projects. You won’t regret it! 

Here’s a formal list of the most needed, most requested elementary back-to-school supplies. 

Kindergarten Supply List/1st Grade School Supply List

Coloring is a multiple-time-a-day practice, so crayons, markers, and colored pencils are a must! Most people love and use crayons the most. Luckily, those are often the easiest and least expensive supplies to find! 

Note for parents setting up a homeschool supply station: we love the twistable crayons! They cost a little more, but if you have a kindergartner or a pre-k kid, you know how quickly they break their crayons. I justified they aren’t expensive anyway, so it’s just fine. But when I splurged on a set of Twistables, the problem completely went away! He now used those crayons to the end and they’ve saved us money! 

Kindergarten Supply List

School Supplies Organization at Home 

It drives me a bit nuts to get ready to help my son complete a project or learning activity, and have to hunt for our first day of school supplies we purchased. This year, I decided it was time to get organized and create a station for our kids to grab all the supplies in one area. 

Here are our easy school supplies organization at-home solutions. 

I purchased two of these caddies we’re using as our school supply list organizers. You can find really inexpensive ones, but I loved this set for having a space that fits notebooks and standard papers and workbooks. It’s easy to set up a supply station or use them for individual subjects and needs if you’re homeschooling. 

Preschool Supply List

We also love our learning table that my son uses for quiet time, craft projects, and homework time. It was a bit of an investment, but we have an entire post coming about setting up home learning this week, and I’ll share why we chose this one and still love it! Spoiler alert, it’s the best piece of furniture we bought for our toddler boy’s bedroom

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