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Summer To Do List for Kids

If you’re looking for fun things to do when kids are bored during the summer months, this summer to-do list for kids with 75 fun activities has you covered!

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Fun Summer Bordem Busters

Summertime is the perfect time to fit in some family fun, learn new skills, and try new things! If kids are feeling bored during free time, it’s the perfect opportunity to pull out the summer to-do list for kids and find some activity ideas to keep them occupied during the summer season.

We also have a free summer bucket list full of summer bucket list ideas with tons of fun ideas to keep your family member making memories and doing fun summer activities together. It comes with a free printable too!

But if you need some easy ideas for kids to do on their own, easy new places to visit, or creative ways to pass the time, this quick summer to-do list for kids with 75 fun activities sorted by category is a great resource!

Here are some ideas for a summer to-do list for kids:

Grab 75 fun summer-to-list activities for kids, sorted by:

Splash Pads Phoenix

Fun Water Activities

There’s something about water fun and summer that go hand-in-hand. Here are plenty of great fun water activities for kids!

1. Water Balloon Fight

I love getting one of these kits that makes filling up water balloons so easy! Many families love to end the school year with a fun water balloon fight where all family members try to soak each other. You can also make a game of picking up any balloon pieces/trash after.

2. Water Balloon Volleyball Toss

Fill up a bunch of water balloons and have kids toss them back and forth without breaking them using a beach towel.

set up a long piece of plastic sheeting from the hardware store, with water running down it, and have kids slide down on their bellies or backs.

4. Pool Day.

The public pool is one of the best places to be during summertime! Make a plan to visit at least one time, and don’t miss this on your summer to-do list for kids!

5. Pool noodle races

Have kids race across the pool while sitting on a pool noodle.

6. Play Marco Polo.

This classic game is about the best way to add some extra fun to a pool day on a hot summer day.

7. Water fight

Give kids water guns and let them run around squirting each other.

8. Sprinkler fun

Set up a sprinkler and let kids run and play in the water.

9. Giant Slip n Slide

Set up a long piece of plastic sheeting from the hardware store, with water running down it, and have kids slide down on their bellies or backs.

10. Visit a splash pad.

On hot summer days, a splash pad is one of those great ideas to help kids cool off and burn off energy while they run around.

Complete Guide to Splash Pads in Phoenix

11. Watermelon relay

Divide kids into teams and have them race to pass a watermelon down a line without using their hands.

12. Water volleyball

Set up a net in the pool and have kids play volleyball with a beach ball.

13. Sponge tag

Give one player a wet sponge and have them try to tag other players with it.

14. Water obstacle course

set up an obstacle course with different water challenges like jumping over a pool noodle, crawling under a sprinkler, and running through a water tunnel.

15. Beach Day

Pack the swimsuits and towels and head to the beach.

16. Lake Trip.

Find a local lake you can go enjoy. You can plan fun activities, or just head to the edge of the water and let kids have fun on the beach.

17. Water Park

Have a bike wash. Pump the Car Wash song, get some soapy water and the hose, and clean those bikes!

Summer to do list for kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

Sometimes summer has those rainy days, triple-digit temperatures, and days you need some fun family activities for staying in. If you want to limit screen time, fun some fun activities, and enjoy some quality time at home, this list is for you!

18. Indoor scavenger hunt

Create a list of items for kids to find around the house.

19. DIY crafts

Make bracelets, necklaces, or other jewelry using beads or other materials.

20. Sensory bins

Create a sensory bin using rice, beans, or water, and add small toys or objects for kids to play with. Check out our dinosaur sensory bin, Christmas sensory bin, easy play dough recipe, and Halloween sensory bin for some ideas and inspiration!

21. Science experiments

Conduct simple science experiments like making slime, creating a volcano, or making a baking soda and vinegar reaction.

22. Indoor picnic

Lay out a picnic blanket and have a picnic inside, complete with sandwiches, fruit, and other snacks.

23. Board games

Play board games like Monopoly, Scrabble, or Candy Land.

24. Movie day

Have a movie day, complete with popcorn and snacks. Check out our guide to how to start a movie day tradition to make it feel extra fun- and beneficial for parents!

25. Reading time

Set aside time for kids to read books they enjoy or listen to an audiobook. Related:

26. Cooking

Have kids help with simple recipes like making sandwiches. Or, teach them how to help with dinner prep and put their new skills to good use!

27. Fort building

Use blankets, pillows, and chairs to create a cozy fort for kids to play in. Check out our fort date night for some inspiration.

28. Language Learning

Learn a new language or practice speaking a language you already know.

29. Make homemade ice cream

You don’t even need an ice cream maker for this one! Look up some fun ways to make ice cream at home.

30. Get Crafty

Make homemade crafts or art projects using materials like paint, clay, or paper.

31. Author a Book

Write and illustrate your own short story or comic book. We shared more in this blank books activity for kids post.

32. Museum Outing

Visit a local museum or art gallery and learn about history or art.

33. Book Club

Read a book every week and write a short summary or review of it. Share with parents like it’s a book club to show all you’re learning!

34. Visit the Library

Attend a Story Time. Most libraries do a set time every week. Best of all, it’s free! But there’s a lot of other ways to really work your library card. Check out the top 10 tips for getting the most out of the library.

35. Practice a musical instrument

Spend time practicing- or start learning a new one!

36. Vintage Arcade

Go to a vintage arcade and play old-school video games.

37. Root Beer Floats

These take minutes, they’re inexpensive, and root bear floats are always fun!

38. Make a time capsule

39. Create something with a new art medium.

We love gel crayons and watercolors for kids paired with our favorite coloring books. Little kids and older kids alike enjoy this activity!

40. Do a Summer I Spy

Grab our free printable I Spy Summer for a fun quiet time activity.

41. Try a Kiwi Crate.

A Kiwi Crate is just about the best STEM resource, and kids can do these amazing delivery kits on their own!

Gonoodle for kids

42. Do a Go Noodle

This free resource is such a fun way to get the wiggles out! Check out our Go Noodle for Kids post for more info and links to our favorite activities!

43. Bake Cookies

Never underestimate the joy this simple activity brings! It’s one of our favorite summer bucket list ideas for an easy win with kids!

44. Plan a puppet show.

We make this so easy with our paper bag puppet-free printables. We even have a tutorial on how to make your own puppet show theater with some inexpensive supplies. Last summer, we set this up for about a week and watched our kids create hours of their own fun and creativity with puppet shows.

45. Visit a Summer Movie Series Showing.

A summer movies for kids program typically takes place in the morning and shows older children’s movies for only a dollar or two. It’s a great way to spend some lazy summer days and get out of the heat!

46. Practice Coding.

We love Code Spark and think the inexpensive subscription is 100% worth it to help raise STEM kids! Coding is such an important skill, and it’s a great time to practice it!

47. Have a Dance Party

Blast some tunes, learn a new dance, or free-form dance with a dance party.

48. Do a STEM Challenge

Find materials to build with: cardboard boxes, popsicle sticks, recycle bin items, etc. Give a set amount of time to build a structure.

Summer To Do List for Kids Activities

Outdoor Activities for Outdoor Fun

Getting some wiggle out, some fresh air, or heading out on an adventure makes for some of the best summer to-do list ideas! Try one of these!

49. Bike Ride

Get some activity in and enjoy this simple pleasure!

50. Sidewalk chalk art

Try to create a mural out of sidewalk chalk.

51. Farmers Market

Visit a farmers market and pick out some fresh food and produce to use this week.

52. Messy Fun

Host a shaving cream fight.

53. Play Flashlight Tag

Tag gets a fun upgrade, and you only need a few small flashlights!

54. State Park

Visit your closest state park and explore the beauty of nature!

55. Visit Your Local Park

A park day is always a good idea!

56. Find a New Park to Explore.

Head to a nearby city or town and visit a park you’ve never been to before.

57. Outdoor Adventure

Explore the outdoors by hiking, biking, or going on a nature walk.

58. Start a Garden

Spend some time out in the garden planting and caring for vegetables or flowers.

59. Backyard Campout

Have a backyard campout with friends or family.

60. Have a S’mores Bonfire.

This is one of those quintessential summer memories that even older kids love joining in on! Okay, it’s one of those things the whole family loves- sign me up for s’more any time! Bonus points if you tell ghost stories and turn them into a mini campout.

61. Attend a Baseball Game.

You can often find discount tickets for weekday baseball games.

62. Drive-In Movie

Visit a drive-in movie double feature for a really fun family date.

63. Neighborhood Field Day

Organize a neighborhood game day, playing games like kickball, capture the flag, or tag.

64. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Grab our Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable. And spend some time looking for items like leaves, rocks, and insects.

65. Set up a Pool Noodle Obstacle Course.

Check out our pool noodle obstacle course tutorial. It’s guaranteed you’ll have so much fun and it’s one of our favorite summer activities you can do with only pool noodles, duct tape, and pencils.

66. Get Sporty

Try new sports or activities, such as swimming, basketball, or yoga.

67. Volunteer

Volunteer at a local charity or community event. You could even go help a neighbor in need!

68. Play Night Games.

This is one of my favorite childhood memories, one of those old favorites your kids will likely love too! It’s something we did to have a great time just after sunset. Choose a designated yard, park, or part of the neighborhood for safety. Then, let kids play some classic games of tag, capture the flag, sardines, or kickball.

69. Go Out for Donuts

A simple trip to the donut shop always brightens the day!

70. Host a Play Date

We love to invite friends to meet us at a fun location and work on social skills with a play date.

71. Watch Fireworks

I know you can’t do this any time, but it’s a fun thing to do on the 4th of July. Many cities do fairs, carnivals, or city days as summer holidays. And most often, then include a free firework show!

72. Blow Bubbles/Make Giant Bubbles

This is a pretty cheap activity without much extra cost that kids love! Little kids are pretty happy with standard bubbles. Older kids love using a rope lasso to try to figure out the physics of large bubbles.

73. U-Pick

Pick produce at a local farm.

74. Lemonade Stand

Have kids learn the basics of entrepreneurship and set up a lemonade stand.

75. Road Trip

Sometimes the best boredom buster is a change of scenery! Plan a small road trip with a scenic view and head out on a quick adventure.

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