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National Donut Day Date

National donut day makes a great cheap or free date night! Thank you made-up Instagram holiday, it’s really caught on and so many places do free or seriously discounted doughnuts today! 


Date Idea: Doughnuts for National Doughnut Day  

Price: Free or discounted doughnuts on donut day the first Friday in June, but $4.00 will cover you any other day! 

Location: Most major cities have donut shops that participate: Google “national donut day” with your city. We hit up Fractured Prune Donuts for this date night. 

Tip: Krispy Kreme gives a free donut, no questions asked!

 There are few things better than getting free food which is exactly why National Doughnut/National Donut Day makes such a fun date. Particularly when it fell on a Friday, we just couldn’t say no to getting some doughnuts for a date. We decided to go to one of the best places in Arizona, Fractured Prune. It’s since gone under (RIP) but Krispy Kreme and Duncan are both excellent choices with freebies or BOGO options. I mean when they are offering buy a drink and get a free doughnut, you just seize the day!

Fractured Prune Doughnuts store.

I love all their fun flavors and varieties! Honestly, I have to admit that doughnuts are the treat I can usually pass on without feeling left out. However, I adore these ones and I have a hard time saying no.

Fractured Prune menu.

Jacob went with s’mores, and I went with a honey glaze and rainbow sprinkles- but it was a very tough call!

National Donut Day donought date,
Maybe I did honey because I knew I wouldn’t be able to share with the baby? I swear I wasn’t too bitter that all our babysitters were booked and we had to stow away on our date. At least it was a cute one! 
Fractured Prune doughnuts box.

Even if you don’t get them for free, it’s hard to beat a delicious $4.00 date like this one!

Gourmet donuts.

Be sure to check out local donut shops as well as the big chains for an easy and FREE (or really cheap) date night! National Donut Day is a great excuse for a fun-themed date! 

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