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Free Things to Do With Kids This Summer

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If you’re looking for some family fun that won’t cost you a penny, this list of 50 Free Things to Do With Kids will set you up with tons of free activities for kids! 

Free summer activities 

Do you know the number one complaint I hear here from most moms trying to have a fun summer? It’s that activities cost a lot of money and after one or two fun centers you can feel pretty broke and like you spent your whole summer fun budget. 

We absolutely love these fun centers, and we love finding as many fun activities as possible. But in order to make those happen, we need to find plenty of free summer activities to balance the budget. 

Even if you don’t really have a summer fun budget, I’m a firm believer that shouldn’t stop the fun! There are plenty of free summer activities you can do! And we are here to help you find the best ones for your family! 

If you look at our 150 summer activities, you’ll finally have an entire section of free activities. I’m definitely going to include those here, but I wanted to make sure you have several more free options to choose from! 

Free Things to Do With Kids This Summer

Ready for a fun outing? Try one of these free things to do with kids this summer! 

  1. Museum Preview Day (AKA free visit day) at the Children’s Museum 
  2. Attend Free Preview Day at the Science Museum 
  3. Visit the Library 
  4. Library Story Time
  5. Tour a Fire Station
    fire station visit
  6. Kids Club Song Time (check city websites and mall websites for offerings) 
  7. Have a Beach Day
  8. Visit the Farmer’s Market
  9. Go Geocaching
  10. Attend a Community Concert 
  11. Find Your Closest Movies in the Park
  12. Download Pokemon Go and Catch “Em All! 
  13. Do a Service Project Together 
  14. Watch Airplanes Take Off At the Airport
  15. Visit a Pet Store or Animal Shelter 


    Things to Do Outside for Free

  16. Visit a Playground  
  17. Find a New Park You’ve Never Been to Before 
  18. Run through the sprinklers
  19. Splash Pad (find the best splash pads in your area) 
  20. Park Picnic
  21. Go for a Bike Ride
  22. Ride Scooters 
  23. Visit a Skatepark
  24. Go for a Hike (how to find great trails in our hiking date post
  25. Attend a minor league baseball game (they have many free days) 
  26. Go on a nature walk  
    Free Summer Activities
  27. Create Sidewalk Chalk Murals
  28. Set Up a Tent in the Backyard for a Campout 
  29. Fly Kites 
  30. Create Sand Castles 


    Free At-Home Activities 

  31. Take Drawing Lessons Online
  32. Dance to GoNoodle Movies
  33. Build an Epic Fort
  34. Home Depot Kids Workshop Kits
  35. Do a Riddle with Google Home/Alexa
  36. Sing Karaoke Songs
  37. Have an Outdoor Family Movie Night
  38. Have a Double Feature Movie Marathon Night 
  39. Create a Music Video 
  40. Create a Stop-Motion Movie Together 
  41. Have a Family Game Night 
  42. Play Night Games Together in Your Yard 
    Scavenger Hunt Ideas and Free Printable
  43. Do a Scavenger Hunt for Kids with our FREE Printable! 
  44. Have a Read-a-Thon 
  45. Do a Read-Aloud Together 
  46. Make Paper Airplanes and Have a Flying Contest 
  47. Create an Obstacle Course to Complete 
  48. Have a Car Wash/Bike Wash 
  49. Create Something Out of Cardboard Boxes 
  50. Draw or Write Thank You Cards 
  51. Download our FREE Summer I Spy

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