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Ten 10-Minute Toddler Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

Stuck in a line? Short on time but want an easy and fun activity to do with little kids? Check out these 10-minute activities for preschoolers and toddlers! 

I thought I loved delivery services before I become a parent, but I can’t express the sheer joy of conveniently having the things I need show up delivered to my door and cut out one less errand to run. My toddler loves going and doing, but he expires just like any child. Sometimes even waiting 10 minutes in a line can lead to a meltdown that feels like a small eternity. It makes it so hard to try to check another to-do off my list.

That’s why I’ve grown to be an even bigger fan of services that simplify and make life with a toddler a little easier, like grocery delivery. But when those aren’t available, or we find we have a few minutes before the next big activity, a 10-minute activity for preschoolers is in order! 

Toddler activities / Preschool activities that only take 10 minutes!

10-Minute Activities for Preschoolers and Toddlers

I’m curbing more toddler fits and I’m enjoying more activities with my toddler that only take 10 minutes. Here are 10 ten-minute toddler activities we’re doing instead of waiting in line that we’re both enjoying significantly more:Pinterest Pin: Ten 10-minute toddler activities with a mom and toddler blowing bubbles together.

  1. Read Several Stories.

    I love having quality time together to read and reap all the benefits of that quality learning time together. I’ve found that even one or two books a day make a huge difference in my toddler feeling like he had quality time and attention, and selfishly this is one activity that always helps me feel like a better mom. 
    2-3 books for kids should fill the 10 minutes easily! 

  2. Put Together a puzzle.

    Most toddlers still need a little help with their dexterity putting together most children’s puzzle designs, and putting in 10 minutes to sit down on the floor and tackle one together is just about the perfect time.

  3. Enjoy a Treat.

    While my toddler may take up to a half hour to fully down a meal, there’s really a 5-8 minute timestamp on a cookie or Popsicle. Luckily that still leaves a few minutes to wipe off the mess when the toddler is done.

  4. Tickle Fight.

    I love when pudgy hands learn how to tickle and start to play back. 10 minutes of chasing each other around a room and tickling makes my preschooler or toddler laugh hysterically. Definitely one of my favorite things right now, and definitely love when his lungs are put to use laughing instead of standing-in-line frustration expressions.

  5. Play a Game.

    Preschoolers and toddlers learn best through play. That’s why games they understand and can play are so good for them! I’m loving preschool card games. We’re learning to spot objects and name colors, it’s pretty cute. 
    Check out the best board games for kids for more inspiration! 

  6. Sing a Couple of Songs.

    This is such a fun 10 minute activity for preschoolers or toddlers. You can use this time to create a toddler song time activity to get some wiggles out! But you can also turn on some pop music you both enjoy and jam out for a dance party or sing-along time. 

  7. Bubble Time.

    I was reading recently how developmentally important bubbles are. They help with dexterity, cause-to-effect relationships, coordination, and other fine-motor skills. Good thing, because bubbles seem to be at the top of most toddler’s favorite things lists. And guess what, preschoolers still love them! 10 minutes is just about perfect for a quick bubble session. ten 10-minute toddler activities- easy play time activities for easy quality time/bonding time with your toddler

  8. Swing Set Time.

    This may be at a park, in your backyard, or at a neighbor’s house. I love spending just about 10 minutes pushing and hearing a cute little “Weeeeeeee” after every large push. It’s hot where we live so 10 minutes is about perfect for enjoyment and not spending too much time in the hot/cold weather.

  9. Sticker Books.

    I’m loving watching my little man pile up stickers in books. He thinks they are a total party and his attention span lasts about one page. It’s always a good change-up from his attempts to climb on all furniture, and it’s a fun thing to witness him trying to figure out words and fine motor skills.

  10. Build a Block Tower.

    I wish I could say I could do this all day because I think my toddler could knock down my towers all day, but dedicating 10 minutes means about 20 small towers and gleeful destruction moments. It’s a perfect play time and I love the fine motor skills watching him try to put blocks away in their places in a box.

These are some of the quick, happy things we love doing together that are fun 10-minute activities for preschoolers and toddlers. 

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  1. Bridget | This Mom Life says:

    Great activity ideas for toddlers. My son is now 3 and we love doing puzzles and memory games. Another activity that truly grows with a child is pattern blocks – have you tried those?