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Raising an Introverted Child When You’re an Extrovert

Did you find yourself with at least one very introverted child? Meeting their needs can be tough, particularly when you are an extrovert who loves social outings! Here are several tips for raising an introverted child when you’re an extrovert.

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I’m not normally one for labels, but I definitely buy into the extrovert and introvert labels. If you haven’t heard of these before, you should definitely look into them! Essentially an extrovert loves being social and loves people. They get their energy from group settings and social outings. Introverts like more quiet and personal time. They feel recharged and energized when spending time alone.

So what happens when you become a parent and your child is your opposite socially speaking? It can be a tough thing to navigate! I’ve heard more parents talk about the problems with their kids in regards to their social aptitude more than anything now that we’re joining the preschool and school-aged club.

When You Have an Introverted Child
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When You Have an Introverted Child

As I’ve sat and talked to many wise parents I love and admire, I’ve heard many share the problem of having a kid who is extroverted and wants to go and do and be around people when mom or dad just need some quiet time. I’ve also heard those who love to get out, and end up in a fight with kids who whine and cry and hate going anywhere. It definitely comes with its challenges navigating this introverted child thing when you’re an extrovert, and the inverse too!

So I wanted to spend the next two days talking about what I’ve learned as a parent and the sage advice wise parents have given to me. Today, we’re going to talk about meeting the needs of an introverted child. Tomorrow, I’ll be publishing tips for meeting needs of an introverted child. So stay tuned, and feel free to weigh in!


Raising an introverted child
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Raising an introverted child when you're an extrovertRaising an Introverted Child When You’re an Extrovert:

  • Practice Quiet Time.
    Alone time in rooms for an hour or two every day? An introvert’s dream! This may be a nap for some kids, but time to read, to color, to play alone, and to just be alone sings to the introvert kid’s soul! Extroverts may need a mix of this too, but make sure your introverted kid gets some uninterrupted play time away from siblings.
  • Plan a day to just be home.
    If you’re a busybody like I am, sometimes it’s hard to just be home. But your kid that gets stressed in crowds and overstimulated. Try some grocery pick up or delivery time. Let your extroverted children go to a friend’s house. Do what you can to give them a day each week to reset.
    Introverted Child needs
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    Introverted Child Needs

  • Ask about their social needs.
    I’ve seen my introverted nieces beg to please not go to the park. Please don’t make me attend the neighborhood party. What may sound fun or a right of passage may we something you can actually pass on. Prom to some teens in a fate worse than death. I’m all about new experiences and pushing them to try things out of their comfort zone. But I also realize some kids find silent homework time more enjoyable than a birthday party.
  • Give them their own space
    Sharing a room is a great experience for kids. But if you have an introvert, they may need their own space for part of the day. This can be reading corners. This can be part of a playroom. You decide, but be aware they may need space.
  • Be extra sensitive to school needs
    I thought I’d have an introvert, and even planned that homeschool may be part of the equation. I have an extrovert, but plenty of siblings and nieces and nephew who are introverts. Many of them do hybrid homeschool or online classes. Many are put in special classes where it’s a little calmer. There’s nothing wrong with teacher research and helping find the best for you kid. It’s really important for introverted children to feel comfortable where they learn and have enough space and quiet time to really learn.

These are the common patterns and threads I’ve heard. I’d love to hear, do you have others? What have you done to help with your introverted child’s needs?

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