First Date Ideas

First Date Ideas

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In need of some ideas for a first date? Here are over 50 first date ideas so you’re ready to ask that special someone out! 

First Date Ideas

What are good ideas for a first date? 

Whether you met somebody over a dating app, got set up on a blind date, or trying to turn a long-term friendship into a relationship, we have a first date idea here for you! Let’s help you connect and enjoy getting to know each other with the perfect first date idea for you! 

What makes a great first date? 

A perfect first date involves something that gives you the right amount of time to talk. But it also provides a fun and good time. You want to make an impression, so getting a little creative is key! 

Typically you want a date activity that shows you value sharing that person’s time. But you also want to not have a date too expensive or extravagant to make your acquaintance feel guilty. 

Fun First Date Ideas

Over 50 First Date Ideas 

  • Jazz or Blues Night Show: A unique, cultural night out on the town. 
  • Rock Climbing: A little conversation, a lot of fun! This will take your first date idea to new heights.
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  • Bowling: It’s an iconic first date for a reason. Enough time to sit, but enough time to keep moving and having fun.  
  • Batting Cages: Take a swing and get to know your date better!
  • Roller Skating / Roller Blading / Ice Skating: The perfect activity if you need to find an excuse to hold hands. 
  • Cooking Class: For a splurgier first date, you can recreate that cosmopolitan feel in the movie Hitch (hopefully without the allergies). 
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  • Painting Class: Did you originally connect over a love of art? Then this would be the perfect follow-up. 
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  • Dog Park (with your dogs) or Animal Shelter: If you and your date share a love of canine critters, make it a good date at the dog park or animal shelter. 
  • Mini Golf: Fun, low-key, but keeps you moving – perfect first date formula. It’s a classic first date idea for a great reason! 
  • City / State Fairs and Carnivals: Dependent on your budget, you can go big with a state fair or save some money on a smaller fair in town. 
  • Nearby Water or Amusement Park: Make a day date out of it with a group for an unforgettable first date. 
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  • Skateboarding / Longboarding: This is either a great opportunity to show off your skills or teach your date something cool. 
  • Nature Reserve or Botanic Gardens: Enjoy the beautiful and unique nature in your area.
  • Rodeo / Country Dancing: Put on your cowboy boots for some extra, old-timey fun.
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  • Library: Whether you both love books and want to explore, or want to take advantage of an interesting, free event there, there’s sure to be a date idea for anyone.  
    First Date Ideas

Fun First Date Ideas  

  • Go-Karts: One ride around a go-kart rink is pretty affordable for an unforgettable first date.  
  • Paddle Boat / Canoe / Kayak: Take to the water together for a “rapid” adventure.
  • Escape Room: To make it cheaper, you can make it a group date night with your friends. 
  • First Friday Walk: An excellent way to discover the city you live in and your date. 
  • Zoo: Walking around animals will help with the small talk or potential awkward silences. 
  • Virtual Reality Arcade: Have you seen these immersive experiences popping up? They’re a fun twist to the usual arcade.
  • Laser Tag or Paintball: Strategize with your date for a rush of fun. 
  • Swing Dancing: Another fun, active option with a classy, romantic twist. 
  • Karaoke: A great ice-breaker activity, but hopefully not a deal-breaker from bad singing! 
  • Sports Game: From a baseball date to soccer, watching a live sports game can provide entertainment with enough for conversation too! Also, if you and your date share a mutual interest, playing in a game might be even more fun. 
  • Pottery Class: You can go all cheesy “Ghost” style if the date goes well. But all jokes aside, it’s an engaging, artistic date to give a try.  
  • Axe throwing date or Knife throwing: For the ultimate “thrilling” first date. 
  • Group Board Games Date Night: Another affordable, safe option. Especially if it’s a blind date.
  • Short Hike: A slightly more athletic version of the “walk in the park” date.
    See our Hiking Date Idea tips here. 
  • Aquarium: Explore awesome marine life and have a lively conversation along the way.
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  • Racquetball: You can often find free courts in parks or high schools. You’ll just need to bring the bat and ball. 
  • Seasonal-Themed Date: go sledding, try a hayride, float in tubes, or dance in the rain. 
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  • Service Activity: A date you’ll feel good from afterward, especially if it leads to a second date! Try a soup kitchen, meal packing, or simply an “Acts of Kindness” date
  • Acro Yoga Class: This is a great way to get more comfortable and trusting of each other. 
  • Shooting Range: Get your adrenaline rush by pulling the trigger in this controlled environment! 
  • Unique Holiday Festivities: Halloween haunted houses, Christmas sleigh rides… or look for a more novelty holiday like National Donut Day if there isn’t one coming up and get free donuts! The possibilities are endless. 
  • Museum or Special Exhibit: The more unique the museum or exhibit you find, the more conversation starters for your date! 
  • Fun Run: Color runs, glow runs, mud runs… all of these you can optionally walk too! Plus it’s an easy way to get in an active date idea while promoting conversation. 
  • Thrift Store Fun: Dress each other up in goofy or stylish apparel. And, if you find something you or your date likes, it’s not an expensive gift.  
  • Trampoline or Bouncy Park: As the infamous lyrics from House of Pain Say, “Jump around!” 
  • Epic Puzzle: Probably a 1000-count puzzle is enough for one evening, as long as it isn’t a polar bear in a snowstorm. 
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  • Chocolate / Candy Factory or Novelty Shop: You can often enjoy samples and grab new, unique flavors of your favorite treats. 
  • Kite Flying: If the wind is right, then it’s perfect timing to take advantage of this affordable activity. 
  • Unique Sports Event: Watch Roller Derby, college Quidditch matches, bocce tournaments, or something else you discover in your area. 
  • Volunteer: Lookup for some easy volunteer opportunities in your area. 

Good First Date Ideas

Low Key First Dates

  • Brunch: If this first date is especially somebody new, this is a low-commitment but quality way to get to know them better.
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  • Frozen Yogurt / Self-Serve Ice Cream: Probably the simplest, easiest first date option if you need a last-minute or late-evening idea. This is a caffeine-free version of the first brief meetings at coffee shops. 
  • Concerts / Theatre / Movies in the Park: A highly affordable way to take somebody to a quality show. Or, a unique alternative to dinner and a movie. 
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  • Mocktails and Card Games: Recreate your own “casino night” without losing a ton of money over it.  
  • (Busy) Park Walk and Dessert: This is a great, simple option that keeps you a little active and distracted, but also focused enough to chat. 
  • Improv Comedy Show: This is a very low-key but high-quality first date option to share each others’ sense of humor. 
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  • Trivia Night Out on the Town: These are most often held at arcades, pubs, grills, and bars. Just Google, “Trivia Night near me.” 
  • Bike Ride/ Tandem Bike Ride: This is the perfect, laid-back, and fun activity if the weather permits.
  • Side Attractions at the Mall: bungee rides, back massages, Merry-Go-Rounds, and more! 
  • S’mores with a Campfire or Bonfire: A delicious way to take advantage of cooler temperatures and stay comfy outside. 
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  • Farmer’s Market: Local markets hold plenty of surprises beyond vegetables – they often have food trucks available too. 
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  • Drive-In and Drive-In Theatre: Another unique twist to the dinner-and-movie formula. 
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  • College Show and Campus Walk: A discounted cultural experience with a stroll through beautiful architecture and landscaping. 
  • Group Movie Night Date at Home: Make your own novelty popcorn and enjoy a classic show with some other couples. Bonus if you do an outdoor movie night
  • Picnic: Make your meal, order take-out and find a unique, beautiful spot to enjoy. Parks, lakes, and more. 
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  • Scenic Drive: If you and your date are more familiar with each other, this would be a safe option to enjoy. 

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