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Lantern Festival Arizona

A roundup of lantern festival Arizona locations and dates so you can get tickets and enjoy the amazing experience of being a part of a lantern festival. 

We’re kicking off the New Year planning a bunch of couple’s bucket list date ideas we want to make happen. One date we think every couple should do at least once is a lantern festival date night

We shared our experience about The Lantern Fest in this post. A few years later, I’m still reeling from it and remember it as one of our all-time favorite dates! It’s at the top of our list of dates worth repeating.

Since so many event companies have changed in the past two years, it can be a little more challenging to find a lantern festival near me. So for those in Arizona also looking for a lantern festival Arizona location, we thought we’d share the roundup so you can find and attend a night lantern festival. 

Lantern Festival Arizona

Lantern Festival Arizona 

Tucson Lantern Festival 

What: The Lights Over America Festival 
Where: Tucson, Arizona 

When: The First Week in April

Details: Check exact dates and get tickets here

Tempe Water Lantern Festival 

What: Water Laterns Festival Tempe 

Where: Kiwanis Lake in Tempe, Arizona 

When: November, typically the week before Thanksgiving 

Details: Find details and tickets HERE

Water Lantern Festivals in Arizona 

What: Lanterns are lit and sent off over a body of water 

Where: Phoenix, Prescott, Lake Havasu, and Yuma have all been announced! 

When: Watch for updates! Check out date releases HERE 

The Lantern Fest 

What: Sky Lantern Festival 
Where: Queen Creek, Arizona (Has also taken place in Cave Creek, Arizona) 

When: This one has been canceled for a few years, but typically happens in April in Queen Creek or October in Cave Creek.

Details: Watch for Updates Here

The Lights Fest 

What: Sky lanterns lit off at night 

Where: TBD, they haven’t announced Phoenix locations yet

When: TBD

Details: Wath for updates and information HERE

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