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How to Spend a Day in Philadelphia: Philadelphia Museum of Art and The Rocky Steps

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania DAY 2
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Time: I’d plan at least an hour to explore the art district area, see The Rocky Steps, and about four hours or more at the Art Museum. That gives you time for a nice meal before you have to catch a flight.
Website:  The Philadelphia Art Museum
Tip: If you see a parking spot grab it, they fill up fast and you may have to do a little walking
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One of America’s greatest art museums resides in Philly, The Philadelphia Museum of Art holds some really amazing works, the likes you’d see in major museums throughout the world! For that reason, it won out over a lot of other amazing activities we could have done during our short weekend in Philadelphia.
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But to make this site even more of a win, there’s a major pop culture attraction on one side of the museum that is also a must-do when in Philly- the Rocky Steps. That’s right Rocky movie fans, the most famous of comeback and preparation montages in movie history with the most victorious end with Rocky Balboa running up a flight of steps, stretching his arms to the sky in victory, and doing it all to one the greatest pump-up songs of our time happened on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Two major Philly attractions, one major win when you’re trying to fit in several things in one weekend trip.
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So first we searched and searched for parking and got a lot of great views of this area of Philly. But then we made sure to march right over to the Rocky Statue and take one of those classic tourist pics that rivals what we did at the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Arms up, with the statue.
Best things to do in Philadelphia.
Arms up at the top of the steps after a victorious rise to the top dragging a stroller.
Rocky Steps in Philadelphia.
Our toddler even started putting his arms up while I snapped pictures copying dad, and pretty much everyone else around Dad. It was one of the true wins of parenthood.
Philadelphia Rocky steps.
After having our fun and waiting for photo ops for about forty-five minutes, it was time to head to the main attraction.
Philadelphia Museum of Art.
I had heard such great things, and there are so many famous pieces of art from all over the world in this museum, which made me so excited to go.
Philadelphia Museum of Art.
If you’ve been a reader for a while, you know I have a huge thing for Van Gogh. If I could see all his paintings before I die in person I would die a very happy person. If I could see over half, I would still be thrilled. I’m slowly checking a lot off my list, and I love that wherever we go I can spot those brush strokes and styles from a mile away.
Visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
And you know I’m thrilled when I make that smile that’s so big I start to look like Quasimodo. My right eye just can’t handle the joy the rest of my face feels.
Van Gogh at the Philadelphia Museum of Art.
I honestly loved seeing pieces and saying, “Hey we saw one of those in L.A., we saw one of those in Paris, doesn’t that remind you of Rome?” I’ve been a lucky girl, and seeing fine art has been one of the joys of my life.
Philadelphia Museum of Art sculpture.
I’m just so glad this guy lets me enjoy it and puts up with me dragging him to every museum I can. It’s always a favorite date for me, and he knows the next air museum I’m going to say yes to so I can return the favor.
 Philadelphia Museum of Art Picasso.
I also love that we are exposing our child to art early. He may not get it at all, but I hope some day he really appreciates what he’s had the chance to see.
Philadelphia Museum of Art paintings.
But I will also take him copying mommy and pointing, or saying, “Oh Wow!” after I do. It’s probably even more fun than seeing the art itself.
Philadelphia Museum of Art painting.
We could have spent so much more time here than we did. There was so much American history in art history form, and we loved soaking that up. We didn’t even get to touch one floor of the museum, so honestly when I say you could spend all day here, I mean it! We had about three hours before we had to leave for the airport, and we covered as much as we could in the time we had and felt like it was worth it.
And then I left this area thinking it’s a good thing Philly is so ugly, it’s making that dry baron desert so much easier to go home to. At least we’re going to pretend that’s what I thought…
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  1. A heads up for parents with slightly older kids, the art museum will lend you a programmed iPad that has an alphabet scavenger hunt, taking you all over the art museum. Helps keeps the kids engaged and happy, while making it possible for the parents to actually see some art!