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Hot Chocolate Date Night

Here’s an easy winter date idea everyone loves: have a hot chocolate date night! This sweet date can be done a ton of different ways, here are a bunch of ideas for a fun hot cocoa date

Hot chocolate date night

Date Info: Hot chocolate date night, enjoying everyone’s favorite cold-weather beverage for a sweet hot cocoa date! 

Location: This is an easy an home date idea, but you could easily do a hot chocolate run for a coffee shop date too! 

Cost: Varies! You may only spend about $1, and you can spend much more if you create a hot chocolate bar. 

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Hot Cocoa Date 

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean hot chocolate season is! And I’d argue this is one of the best winter date ideas! It’s so easy, and it’s always a hit! 

There’s so many different ways to pull this off too! Here are a few ideas to take a hot cocoa date up a notch! 
Hot chocolate Date Night

Create a hot chocolate bar 

Hey why settle for one hot cocoa mug when you can have all types of flavors and options? Step it up with a hot chocolate bar (perfect for a group date or for two). It’s essentially a bar with mutliple flavor options and toppings to customize your cup of hot chocolate to your liking! 
Hot chocolate Date Night

Hot chocolate bar ideas

  • First, have your classic hot chocolate mix or pre-made hot cocoa ready to serve 
  • Include flavors:

    We love Taroni syrups! White chocolate, caramel, English toffee, vanilla, mint, and hazelnut are all excellent choices! 

  • Hot chocolate bar add-on ideas: 

    – marshmellows. Because hot chocolate with marshmellows is meant to be! 
    – Peppermint flavored marshmellows 
    – Crushed up peppermints or cancy canes for peppermint hot chocolate 
    – whipped cream 
    – Coffee creamer in classic or fun varities 
    – Chocolate waffer cookie sticks 
    – Gingerbread cookies for dipping 
    – Cinnamon 
    – Salted caramel syrup 

But if having a variety of toppings and putting together a hot chocolate bar feels too overwhelming, there are plenty of other ways to create gourmet hot chocolate much easier! 

  • Hot Chocolate Bombs

    These took the world by storm in 2020 and they just keep gaining steam! They’re essentially a thin chocolate pod filled with hot chocolate mix and flavorings. I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found the hot chocolate bombs Costco pack with a great variety. If you see them, buy them, they go FAST! You can also find hot chocolate bombs at Target, and many groceries and local bakeries carry them too. 

  • Hot Chocolate Spoons 

    I found these at Trader Joe’s, and they’re honestly my favorite way to enjoy hot cocoa! We heat up milk and add the spoon to the mug. It melts together, you stir it up, and enjoy some of the most delcious melted chocolate! 

  • Use a Hot Chocolate Maker 

    I bought a Cocomotion when we were newlyweds, and I can’t believe the price they go for now that they’re discontinued. I also can’t believe they’re discontinued, everyone loves them! But here’s a great alternative hot chocolate maker! They mix powder perfectly, melt chocolate chips perfectly, and heat milk or water to the perfect temperature. It’s a great tool that you’ll use over and over again! 

  • Hot Chocolate Run 

    There’s something about getting out and getting a cup together that also makes for a great date! I can hear the Starbucks white hot chocolate with peppermint calling me now! Starbucks is an excellent stop, as are most coffee shops. Plus a coffee shop date is always fun to just hang and talk. I’d even bring conversation cards for couples to take it up a notch! 
    But we’re fans of grabbing hot chocolate at the gas station (hello QT hot chocolate in Arizona!). We’re happy to fit in a car date idea and enjoy our hot chocolate in the car. 

There’s no wrong way to do a hot chocolate date night, but we hope this inspired you to make one happen! 

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