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Birthday Date Ideas

Great birthday date ideas to celebrate your sweetheart! Here are 30 birthday date night ideas to make it extra special!

We are about to spend the weekend celebrating my birthday! Even as we get older and busier, we still make sure a birthday date night happens! I’m forever grateful for a dedicated date night to celebrate my husband when it’s his birthday. Even though I’m not a huge one for pomp and circumstance on my birthday, I know my husband loves showing some extra love and planning a birthday date night for two to celebrate. 

If you’re in the market for a great birthday date night to share with your significant other, here are several to make their big day feel extra special. 

Birthday Date Ideas

  1. Do their favorite things 

    If they have an activity they love, place they adore, etc. lean into those! I took my husband on this birthday surprise date to do something he adores. It has been his favorite birthday to date! 

  2. Go visit the significant places in your life together.

    Drive around and visit all the locations significant to your relationship. Think your first kiss, first date, etc. Let them know how much better your life is because they’re in it!
    We did a significant places date years ago when I told my husband I was pregnant with our first son. It’s still one of our sweetest and most sentimental date ideas. And bonus points, this one only costs you the gas money to drive around! 

  3. Take them shopping. 

    Sometimes the best present is one you get to pick yourself! Take your significant other shopping to their favorite places and provide some birthday cash. 

  4. Go cake testing 

    Either buy a few cheap cakes from the store and let them test and enjoy to their heart’s content or go fancy. We’ve visited our favorite gourmet cupcake shop and ordered every flavor to honor a birthday boy/girl. It’s truly fun to include birthday cake and romantic wedding vibes with your own cake taste-testing event. 

  5. Take a cake decorating class

    Why not make your own cake, and make it gorgeous while you’re at it! 

  6. Go indoor skydiving 

    We did an iFly indoor skydiving date night years ago, and my husband talks about it nonstop! It’s been one of his favorite things. It was so special and so fun to experience indoor skydiving with such a thrilling date. 

  7. Birthday Freebie Pickup

    There are so many places to get a freebie meal/treat/drink on your birthday. Look up the favorites in your area and go get some birthday freebies! 

  8. Create a Time Capsule 

    Write a few letters about how you feel about the birthday person. Document their favorite things right now (food, color, hobbies) and create either a digital or a crafty time capsule together. 

  9. Paint Pottery 

    Create something special to document the day and the year. Pottery painting date nights are easy to book and a really fun way to connect! 

  10. Do a Couple’s Paint Night Date Night 

    This is our most repeated date night, and we’re not ashamed to admit it! A couple’s paint night date night is a fun way to create something together. We love the BOYB options even though we don’t drink- sparkling cider still feels fancy and fun! 

    Birthday Date Ideas

    Birthday Date Ideas for Girlfriend (or Wife) 

  11. Bucket List for Couples Date 

    Create a bucket list for couples, and make sure she gets to include all the places she’d love for you to take her. Make sure to get a few on the calendar and make them happen! She’ll know you adore her and want to make her happy all year. 

  12. Spoil Them Date 

    Have a “Yes Day” and spoil them with their favorite things or special treats. 

  13. Brunch Date 

    Sometimes you have work, parenthood, or other responsibilities that engulf your birthday. One of our favorite ways around that is to sneak away in the morning for a brunch date. 

  14. Get Pedicures 

    Hear me out on this, even if you don’t like your nails painted, it’s a fun experience to do together. You can get your feet cleaned up, callouses removed, and massaged even if you’re not there for the paint. It’s a great activity to enjoy together for a birthday date idea. 

  15. Schedule a Professional Class 

    If you’ve always wanted to have a cooking class date night, learn how to do royal frosting, or want to build with power tools: this is a great time to invest in one of those classes! And if you want to do it at home, try one of these date night classes together. 

  16. Bake a Cake 

    Trust me, she will appreciate the effort. There’s something so precious about the effort! It’s a great acts of service gift! 

    Birthday Dinner Dates

  17. Have a romantic picnic for two. 

    Our sunset date night having a romantic picnic for two is still one of my favorites. And it’s perfect for a birthday date night! 

  18. Splurge on a fancy dinner 

    We’re usually fairly budget conscious with date night dinner ideas. But when it comes to our birthdays, we have no problem going fancy! It’s a fun way to make the birthday boy/girl feel extra special. 

  19. Eat their favorite food 

    We have a standing offer: I’ll cook any meal he wants, or we can go out for a birthday dinner date to any restaurant he wants. He offers the same deal in return! 

  20. Do a Progressive Dinner 

    Have appetizers at one place, then head to a new location for the main course. End with dessert at a third restaurant. It makes for a fun night with a lot of delicious favorite things at once. 

    Birthday Date Ideas

    Birthday Ideas for Boyfriend (or Husband) 

  21. Concert Tickets 

    Give him tickets to see his favorite band in concert. You could also hit up a local live music night. 

  22. Rent a Theater 

    Most movie theaters will let you rent an entire theater for a private screening for far less than you’d think! Especially thanks to 2020, it’s become very mainstream and easy to do. You can see a new release, or rent a showing of an older movie he just adores. 

  23. Adventure Challenge 

    Gift An Adventure Challenge for Couples book and enjoy a fun and exciting date night this entire year of his life! This Scratch off Date Book gives you a fun adventure to complete together. It’s one of the best gifts, and one of the best birthday ideas for boyfriends and husbands! 
    Plus, get a bonus 10% off any order with the Adventure Challenge Promo Code: INLOVE10

  24. Top Golf Date 

    This is a great date to gift a girlfriend or wife too, but there’s something guys seem to adore about this date night. Whether you reserve a space for two or make it a group date with close friends, it’s always a cute birthday date idea

  25. Do an Escape Room 

    We have loved every one of our escape room date ideas! They’re fun as a single couple or for a group date. It’s even fun to do an escape room at home

    Romantic Birthday Ideas 

  26. Compile love notes from everyone they know.

    Ask everyone close in their life to record a video message or write a note. Spend some time reading or watching all the sweet messages together. 

  27. Book a Birthday Getaway 

    Grab an Air BnB for a night and go enjoy a getaway for two! Here are 5 reasons every couple needs a getaway

  28. Get a Couple’s Massage 

    Hello, romantic, pampering, and the perfect gift to help them relax. I’m sure they won’t blame you one bit for including yourself in this romantic birthday gift too! 

  29. Have a Sexy Date Night 

    There’s a reason birthday sex is a term, but make sure you actually plan something your partner will like. Here are 6 sexy date ideas to help out. 

  30. Book a Hot Air Balloon 

    These can be pricey, but there’s no time to splurge and celebrate like on the birthday of your love! 


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