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Drive Through Light Show

Looking for a drive-through light show? They make an excellent date night! Here’s how to book a drive-through light show + our experience at the ASU Design Space Exhibit in Tempe. 

One of the best things that came from 2020 was an innovation on every front! It’s truly been amazing to see businesses change and adapt and find new creative ways to thrive. Oh, how we’ve missed the arts! We love traveling and always try to fit in the major art museums of the world whenever possible! But we love a great local art exhibit, play, performance, etc. too. 

So when we heard about a drive-through light show, we were all ears! This weekend we spent our date night at the ASU Gammage Design Space Exhibit in Tempe. If you aren’t in Arizona, don’t worry, these are popping up all over the place!

Experiencing a Drive Through Light Show.

What is a Drive Through Light Show? 

People traditionally think of these as holiday drive-through light shows, showcasing Christmas lights. We shared one of those at Christmas, see our World of Illumination family date. 

But a drive-through light show, also commonly shortened and referred to as simply drive-thru lights have become a cool year-round experience and a truly innovative way to share art. In light of so many art shows, museums, and senior project showcases closed this year, many opted for the drive-thru lights experience. 

ASU Drive Through Light Show.

What to Expect at a Drive-Thru Lights Show? 

The ASU Drive-Through Design Space took place in a parking garage. But I’d imagine the experience is similar in any enclosed drive-up location. 

There were several different installations of light paired with music to create a mood or vibe. I’d expect some type of theme. Just like a Christmas light show shares holiday music and a cheery vibe, you can expect a theme and artistic message behind a drive-through art show. 

The Design Space felt like an exploration of space. There was an element of the sun, moon, and stars. Some of the sound bites sounded like astronaut recordings. There was plenty of abstracts to be left to the imagination and interpretation. 

Drive Through Light Show date night.

How Long Did it Last? 

It took us about 45-1 hour to drive through. 

What did it cost? 

I know every show is different, but Design Space is $32.50 per vehicle. It doesn’t matter how many are in your car, so it’s a great family activity or double date idea! 

You can get tickets here if you’re ready to book your own sensory experience! 

Drive Through Light Show.

Was it Worth it? 

We had so much fun experiencing innovation and seeing something completely different. It may be very abstract, but it lead to a lot of deep discussions and jokes. 

But most of all, I’m thankful for new experiences and innovative dates to shake things up after a year at home! 

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