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Lunch Date Ideas

A list of lunch date ideas, and why a lunch date is a great idea to shake up your date night routine! 

When I was in graduate school, we were dating and then engaged. It was a busy time! I was working and earning a demanding master’s degree program. I was also trying to spend lots of time with this guy I was madly in love with! We learned during busy weeks with so many late nights, the only time we could see each other was a quick lunch date. 

Lunch dates have had a special place in my heart ever since that time! 

Why a Lunch Date is a Great Date Option

Beyond that season of life as young professionals who put in some late hours in corporate jobs, we’ve found a lunch date is always a great idea for several reasons! 

  • You aren’t tired and ready for bed 
  • There’s a different atmosphere 
  • It’s usually cheaper 
  • More availability at busy locations 

Lunch Date Tips

Lunch Date Ideas 

If you’re ready to make a lunch date happen, we have a bunch of fun ways to make it feel new and exciting! Try one of these lunch date ideas. 

  • Book a high-end restaurant for a less expensive meal
  • Try a foreign cuisine you’ve never had 
  • See if you can find the cheapest place in your area to grab lunch 
  • Get a table with a view 
  • Look up the highest rated restaurants and use them for lunch date ideas all year 
  • Take turns picking your favorite lunch locations 
  • Have lunch outside the office 
  • Pack takeout and have a picnic lunch date 
  • Find a favorite breakfast spot and enjoy breakfast food at a less busy time 
  • Have a lunch date at a food truck 
  • Pack each other lunch and meet up to eat together 
  • Eat on the patio 
  • Grab food you can enjoy while you take a walk around your area 
  • Go get a dessert item as the main course 
  • Do a quick restaurant crawl and get lunch and dessert from different places 
  • Find the oldest restaurant in the area and go patronize it 
  • Split a large meal to save stomach space and some money 
  • Order appetizers only. Get a great mix and enjoy those for a light bite. 

Lunch Date Ideas

Lunch Date Tips 

  • Plan for a longer lunch and buffer your schedule if it’s a workday 
  • Try to make reservations in advance 
  • Choose a lunch date outfit appropriate for the setting 
  • Try a lunch date on a workday as well as a weekend to see what fits best for your schedule 
  • Don’t make it at noon: It’s the busiest time of day. Opt for an earlier or later lunchtime 
  • Feel free to turn a lunch date into a double date to catch up with friends 
  • If you’re not in a committed relationship, offer to go dutch. It’s good dating etiquette, particularly for a low-key date. 

We hope you feel inspired to make a lunch date happen! We promise you won’t regret it, and sometimes couples love it so much, they swap their date night dining time entirely! 

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