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45 Fun Date Ideas in Logan Utah

Logan Utah makes a great weekend getaway, and it’s also a college town ripe for some great date nights. Here’s a list of 45 fun date ideas in Logan Utah to help you get your date on! 

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We spent part of the summer living in Utah the last two years. It’s great to get out of the Arizona heat and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains. We created Friday We’re in Love as a project to keep us accountable to go on a date every week, even when we travel. I thought we’d run out of fun date ideas in Logan, Utah in a week or two, but Logan surprised me! There’s a ton of fun things to do. 

For anyone who lives in Logan, is attending college at Utah State University, or wants a great weekend getaway in a charming small city, here’s a ton of fun Logan date ideas to keep date night fun. 

Utah State Activities 

  • Aggie Ice Cream 

    This is some of the best ice cream in the United States! Trust us, we’ve traveled the world and Cache Valley is known for cheese and dairy products. The ice cream is incredible and worthy of its own dedicated date night! 

  • Participate in True Aggie Night 

    What’s a true Aggie? 
    It’s Utah State culture where two people sit on Block A (by the A) on campus and kiss during a full moon. This makes them a true Aggie. 
    Plan a date night during the next full moon and make each other true aggies. 

  • Attend a USU Football Game 

    The football team is usually excellent and wins many division games. They also make a fantastic date night! 

  • Get Tickets to a USU Basketball Game

    Enjoy an indoor date during the cooler months and cheer on the aggie basketball teams.

  • Go to the Observatory on USU Campus 

    The physics department holds special community nights. They are a local date night favorite! 

A couple on a date night in Logan Utah.

Romantic Date Ideas In Logan Utah

  • Do a Romantic Sunset Picnic 

    The views of the valley are incredible! Grab takeout or a picnic dinner and enjoy this romantic date! 

  • Go Stargazing 

    We’ve shared how to do this easily and free in our stargazing date post. But the lack of pollution and altitude makes Logan and the outskirts of Logan a magical place to do a stargazing date night! 

  • Go Horseback Riding 

    The Beaver Creek Lodge offers tours and hourly rental options. 

  • Summer Ski Lift Ride 

    Book a ski lift before it snows and enjoy an incredible date in the summer or fall at Beaver Mountain. 

  • Rent a Tandem Bike 

    Explore Logan on a tandem bike. This rental shop has great reviews! 

  • Take a Couple’s Cooking Class 

    Luv to Cook offers them! 

  • Rent a Room at the Anniversary Inn 

    The Anniversary Inn is a quirky place with only a few locations, and Logan happens to be one of them! Rent a themed room and stay in one of the most unique places designed for love! 

Cache Valley Entertainment 

  • See a Play at Ellen Eccles Theater 

    We were lucky enough to do this date night and still talk about it! The historic theater is worth touring (and really amazing). But the shows are phenomenal! 

  • See a Concert at Ellen Eccles Theater 

    The arts in Cache Valley are truly impressive! There’s been a historical dedication to quality art and music program since the early days of settlement. Check out the Ellen Eccles Theater for concerts and other art engagements. 

  • Take Country Dancing Lessons 

    We saw an advertisement and demonstration by Access Dance during a 4th of July Cache Valley parade, and instantly wanted to take country dancing lessons for a date! It’s on our list next time we’re in the city! 

  • Go to An Open Air Concert 

    There’s usually an outdoor concert during the 4th of July festivities. But you can catch several when the weather is nice at the Canyon Jams series. 

  • Drive to Bear Lake and Get the Famous Raspberry Shakes 

    Le Beau’s is famous for its raspberry shakes. It’s worth the 45-minute drive from Logan to go enjoy one (and a scenic drive) for a date night. 

  • Go to Bear Lake and Have a Beach Day 

    This can be a completely free and amazingly fun date! We like to spend a little money and go to South Beach where the sand and views are amazing. Bring the water games, or just plan to swim. It’s an amazing place! 

  • Go for a Hike 

    We loved hiking Tony Grove for a hiking date idea

  • Rent a Canoe 

    Tony Grove is a beautiful location for a canoe ride! 

  • Watch Airplanes Takeoff 

    The airport is small, but that means there are a few ways to access a great view of the runway. We loved watching airplanes date night in Logan, Utah! 

Fun Logan Utah Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas 

  • Go Skiing/ Snowboarding

    Beaver Mountain is one of the most affordable ski/snowboarding in Utah.

  • Go Sledding 

    Almost every neighborhood has a great sledding hill, be sure to take advantage! 

  • Have a Hot Chocolate Date Night 

    It’s cold for so long, and you’re near the Stephen’s Gourmet Hot Cocoa headquarters. Take advantage and have a hot chocolate bar date night. 

  • Sleigh Ride at Hardware Ranch 

    Hello, one of the most affordable sleigh rides in the world! Hardware Ranch does these in the cooler months, and they make such a romantic date night! 

  • Ice Skate

    Hit up the George S. Eccles Ice Center for an Ice Skating date

A couple heading out for a date night at the Utah Theater Logan Utah.

Only In Logan 

  • Go See a Movie at the Utah Theater 

    The Utah Theater is historic, but also newly renovated and a great place for a movie date! Every Friday and Saturday they do a date night special where you can see a movie and get popcorn and candy for only $14. 

  • Drive Through Logan Canyon 

    This is one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the United States! Take a scenic drive to appreciate each of the four seasons. 

  • Treasure Hunt at Big Deal Outlet 

    I heard about Big Deal Outlet from a deal blogger who shared that Target has a select handful of outlets they sell items to. Big Deal Outlet has some gems and some big misses too. It’s a true treasure hunt, and I think you could have so much fun sorting through random items for a date night. 

  • Visit the Crystal Hot Springs 

    Hello, natural hot springs in nature! These are such a rocky mountain gem and make for a fun date. Be sure to wear your swimsuits! 

  • Take a Trip to Zootah 

    There are limited hours, but it makes a great Saturday afternoon date. See cute animals for a really affordable price with a trip to Zootah. 

  • Tour the Food Outlets

    Hello Creamy outlet, Pepperidge Farms Outlet, Gossner Farms Outlets, just to name a few. Grab some cheap 

  • Do Brunch at Herms 

    If there was one place I’d recommend to dine at in Logan, it would be Herms. Their food is fantastic, but brunch is particularly good! 

  • Attend the Rodeo 

    Check out the surrounding cities and areas. A rodeo date night is a lot of fun and usually happens in the summer or fall. 

  • Visit the Historical Downtown Area

    We love to grab food at The Crepery, The Beehive Grill, or the Awful Waffle. But the architecture and history behind downtown Logan is worth a walk! 

  • Tour the Logan Tabernacle 

    There’s a lot of history in Logan, and this is a great place to learn a lot of it! 

  • Baby Animal Days 

    This happens in the spring, and baby animals are a great way to boost serotonin and feel more love! 

  • Chocolate Taste Test at Bluebird Chocolates 

    Bluebird is one of the oldest and most well-known companies in Logan. Head to their downtown storefront and grab a bunch of chocolates for a chocolate-tasting date night

Photos: Chrissy Blake

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