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Stargazing Date Night: Meteor Shower Stargazing

A stargazing date is a free, and romantic date night. Everything you need to know to plan and execute a romantic stargazing date night

Stargazing Date Info: 

Price: Free (but you may want to budget a few dollars for snacks)

Location: Outside of the city away from any lights  

Time: 24 hours total- 1 hour drive outside of town, 2 hours to stargaze, 1 hour drive back 

A stargazing date night is one of the best romantic date nights out there! And best of all, it belongs in the free date ideas category too! 
Sometimes we throw the air mattress, a couple of pillows, a blanket, and some flashlights into the car and drive an hour outside of the city. You can usually find a closed road, park by it, hop the fence, and set up shop on what feels like your own private driveway. 
If you live in a more rural area, you may be lucky enough to stargaze from your own backyard or front porch. 
Stargazing date night with couple looking up at the stars.

How to Enjoy a Stargazing Date Night 

Start by downloading Google Sky. You can use this on your cell phone or a tablet for optimal viewing. Gaze up at the stars and point your device camera up toward the sky. It will reveal constellations, and planets, and guide you through your stargazing experience like a personal tour guide. 

From there we witness the beauty of the night sky. It’s particularly awesome when a meteor shower is taking place. 

Sky full of stars.

This usually leads to some pretty deep conversations, lots of quality time, and a desire to make out like teenagers.

Couple kissing under the stars at night.

Which really, are there three greater things you can glean from a free, romantic date?

Couple sitting on an air mattress enjoying a stargazing date night.

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