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Hitchcock Movie Night Group Date

Sometimes you have cool friends that invite you to Halloween-themed parties. 
 We absolutely love couples group dates with cool themes, and Hitchcock night was an excellent one! I’m a wimp about horror movies, remember when we saw Frankenweenie last year? 
But, I admit, there is something to black-and-white classic horror that draws me in and allows me to enjoy an amazing plot and a little scare. 
Halloween Group Date Idea.
 We arrived to find our very talented hostess Sarah had made some of the most delicious creepy Halloween food we’ve ever had! 
Halloween group date.


Halloween food for a party.
 The brain cupcakes with pie filling stems were my favorite! 
Brain cupcakes.


Candy corn rice krispy treats.
We’re out ourselves- this was our first Hitchcock movie. We watched Shadow of a Doubt and seriously enjoyed it! I’m pretty sure we’ll be watching another Hitchcock Halloween night! 
Hitchcock movie night Halloween movie party.


Hitchcock movie night Halloween movie party.
 Great food, great friends, great movie- and best of all, a super cheap/free group date to celebrate Halloween! And did I mention the brains were our favorite, cause they definitely were! 
Hitchcock movie night Halloween movie party.


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  1. Siri Baxter says:

    Looks so fun! I love old Hitchcock movies since I am a scary movie wimp too! This year I think we'll watch Vertigo on Halloween! Those treats look amazing!