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Halloween Edition of Dinner and a Movie: Frankenweenie

When we first saw the previews for Disney’s new movie Frankenweenie and decided we’d pass. We’re not die-hard Tim Burton fans, and the ads seemed to cater to that. But then we went to CA Adventure, and we were able to watch an extended preview with an 8 minute scene. We both left saying “Wow that was a lot better than the previews made it look!” We also got to see the puppets used to make the movie and some samples of how stop animation works on our Disneyland getaway, so it perked out interest and we decided this would be a good clean Halloween movie to get us in the spirit of all the Halloween activities dates/parties we have coming up.

We made sure to get in a good dinner at one of our favorite Mexican places, Nando’s. Jacob adores good chips and salsa, and they give you about a grocery store bag’s worth, he was a happy man!

Dinner date.

If you go, get the Pollo Rico. It’s a chicken chimichanga in a cream cheese jalapeno sauce. I probably ran 7 miles the next day to justify eating it, but it’s SO worth it! We’ve tried other things, and agree to always order 2 of these because they really are THAT good!

Dinner Date.

Then we went to the movie. We were pleasantly surprised again! It was actually pretty funny! There are a lot of heart warming scenes, witty plot elements, creepy yet likable characters, and a few moments where you just go “what?” which made us laugh! If you’re like me and just turning off the the lights can scare you so you ditch horror movies, this is a good fit for a Halloween movie.

We have a well kept secret in a theater we go to that is rarely visited. There’s bigger one in a mall a few miles away that everyone seems to go to, but we love our theater because it’s never crowded. Does anyone else find that in their area? One theater is so busy and the few nearby are pretty dead? It’s a great thing to have lots of open seats!

It’s particularly great because everyone leaves and if you wait to the end to see if there is any extra scene, and there isn’t, you’ll be the only ones and you’ll be able to get a picture like this:

Frankenweenie Disney movie date night.


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