California Adventure

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Day 2 in CA took us to California Adventure. We saved this for last because we figured there would be more adult rides. We also figured on a Friday Disneyland would be more busy, we were glad for our choice, we had another day of waiting no longer than 30 minutes for a ride!

We walked right on to California Screamin’ which is one excellent coaster!

We LOVED the new Cars ride. You get to experience being one of the cars and it really brings this world to life! There was an hour and 10 minute wait for this one, even on one of the slowest weeks of the year. Bless single rider lines, we didn’t mind being one car behind each other and waiting only 25 minutes.

Getting your picture with Mater is pretty awesome. They have him talk to you and move his eyes and some of his parts. He told us “Well don’t you two look like the happiest couple in all the world! Just so happy!” Of course Mater, we’re in CA Adventure, we were the happiest couple in all the world!

We got a see a scene from the new movie Frankenweenie. I must admit, better than I expected it to be!

We also enjoyed the musical version of Aladdin. If you go when it’s hot, hitting up this show at 2:00 is perfect timing to avoid the heat of the day! It was really good actually!

This may be our favorite picture from the trip.

 I have an addiction, and I know it. In my defense, my husband did nothing to stop the 4 times I repeated “Can we get back in line?”

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