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Halloween Costume Idea: PBS Stars Julia Child and Bob Ross Costume

Creative couple costume idea: Be PBS stars! A Julia Child costume and a Bob Ross costume pair perfectly for a couple’s Halloween costume!

I feel like we went big with costumes last year, and we had a ton of pressure to try to be at least close to as creative this year. Inspiration came late, but we’d like to thank all the PBS songify YouTube videos for inspiring us to honor the heros of PBS.
Introducing Julia Child and Bob Ross!

I know you’re a little afraid that you are seeing an image of the living dead, but I promise it’s us!
Note on Jacob’s “beard” he actually channeled his inner Bob Ross and drew a happy little beard on his face using 4 different eyeliner colors. Everyone asked how long it took to grow it, now that’s talent! He also made frosting to create his paint splotches, because he wanted texture. He’s talented!
And I am proud of myself for getting my very long hair to look shoulder-length. Hot rollers and bobby pins for anyone who is wondering!

We were lucky to be invited to one amazing Halloween party. Couples were invited and dressed up for costume competitions on best couple and most creative costume. We also all brought food to munch on and oh my was it good!

We brought our favorite fall potluck treat, caramel and chocolate apple platter, I’ll post the super easy recipe later this week!

We had a great time reconnecting with old friends, and meeting many new. We also couldn’t get over how cool every single person was at the party, and how amazing and creative so many costumes were!


Check out these amazing couple costumes:

The Pokemon masters
 Watching these two dance in these was hilarious all night!
 Christopher Robin and Pooh
 Willy Wonka and Oompa Lumpa (which terrified me as a child, true story)
 *Winners of most creative costume
 Mr. and Mrs. Fox
 Queen of Hearts, Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit
*Winners of best couple
 As you wish
 Waldo and Carmen Sandiego, too clever!
 Dexter’s Lab
 Cat Woman and Scarface
 FBI Agents
Bob Ross and Julia Child
What what for Jacob winning 2nd place for most creative!

And several left before we snapped the shot, honorable mention for Jan and Stan Berenstain, who lived in character all night!

Thanks so much to both families who threw the party, it was proof that a potluck get-together in the backyard provides a lot of fun, a great date, and wonderful memories for many people!


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