Thanksgiving Date Ideas

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Even with the busy holiday season, it’s the perfect time of year to give some thanks for your significant other by planning a Thanksgiving date night! We have your back with 10 Thanksgiving Date Ideas to keep the weekend festivities and fill them with quality couple time!
Thanksgiving Date Night

What Date is Thanksgiving? 

It’s the fourth Thursday of November. But let me tell you, any time in November is a great time to fit in a Thanksgiving date your with favorite person! 

Thanksgiving Date Ideas

  • Volunteer!
    It’s the busiest time at a soup kitchen right now. See if you can find a time to help get some food together and serve those in need!
    Need a service idea? Check out to search your zip code. It gives you tons of immediate service project needs in your community.
    Related: Here’s how we made a service project into a group date that was incredibly fun!
  • Bake a Pie
    There’s always that one person who volunteers to bake a pie- and maybe it’s even you! But it’s something so fun to make as a couple for a cozy date night in. Try Mom Whiting’s No-Fail Pie Crust, it works every time even if you’re a beginner. Also, feel free to decorate it and get artsy with the top crust. If you put some sexy inappropriate saying on top, that can spice things up and be a secret only the two of you need to know about.
  • Attitude of Gratitude
    When was the last time you thanked each other for the little things you do? My husband sent me flowers one day this year that literally thanked me for doing my kids laundry and keeping our household afloat. He scored major points!
    Each of you makes a list of 12+ specific things you’re grateful for. Cut up your responses, put them in a jar, and take turns drawing items.
    I promise you’re emotional intimacy connection will increase tenfold doing this activity!
  • Turkey Bowl
    Tis’ the season for the turkey bowl! But you don’t have to play football or flag football: any organized game will do. Grab your other favorite couple(s) and enjoy a group date.
    Date night subscription boxes
  • Fall Date Night Box
    We have a roundup of the best date night subscription boxes for couples if you want to check them out. But almost all o a seasonal date delivered to your doorstep. We love the Happily Date Box, and can get you 50% off your first month to try it out with promo code: FRIDAYWEREINLOVE
  • Plan Holiday Dates/Activities
    This season is going to fly by! Take a little time to pull out calendars and schedule some holiday fun! Get those holiday parties on the calendar, plan when you’ll go shopping, etc. Also, be sure to include a really amazing Christmas date idea for just the two of you!
    See our Christmas Date Ideas for tons of ideas!
  • Rock Climb
    What, you didn’t know turkey and rock climbing go together? They certainly do! An active date idea is totally in order after all the turkey and pie. Plan a day date or an evening out to get active and have fun together rocking climbing!Thanksgiving Date Ideas

    November Date Night Ideas

  • Black Friday It Up!
    It’s a verb, just trust me on this one! Either take the time to adrenaline rush shop together. Or take the time to boycott spending and just enjoy a day off work. Find something free to do or plan to spend all the money. It’s up to you!
    You know I’ll be sharing deals, so be sure to follow me over on Instagram for updates!
  • Fall Leaves
    The fall leaves are on, even if there’s snow in your area covering them. It’s the perfect time to go for a drive or scenic walk. And bonus points for a totally free date.
    Here are several more free date ideas if you need another no-spend date idea.
  • Go See a Movie
    The holiday blockbuster season starts this week, order tickets early and go see the big movie of the season early. Also, there’s usually a new Disney movie at this time, so you can turn this into a family date pretty easily if you’d like. Or go enjoy princesses together, we won’t judge you!
  • Friendsgiving/ Leftovers Friendsgiving
    First of all, this is another great group date idea that typically happens the week before Thanksgiving. Pull together friends and celebrate Thanksgiving! This may be the perfect chance to figure out how to air fry a turkey! Go all out and split up the assignments. 
    But also, if you want a more low-key version, try hosting one after Thanksgiving. Make a leftovers only night, and have everyone bring leftovers to share together. You can also do rotisserie chickens and call it a day!

We hope you feel a lot of thanks in your life with these Thanksgiving date ideas! Also, may you find a few hours for some quality couple time to connect this thankful season.

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