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Mom Whiting’s Easy No Fail Pie Crust Recipe

For baking pros and beginners alike, this easy no fail pie crust recipe is the perfect way to start any pie! With an easy flaky pie crust that always tastes amazing, this never fail pie crust works every time!

Let me start this out by telling you that my mother-in-law may be one of the best cooks/bakers/recipe inventors out there. So when I first heard that an easy no-fail pie crust recipe developed by her existed that taught how to bake the perfect pie every time, I was all ears!

But it’s a bit of a funny story how I found out this magic recipe existed.

Black Friday is a holiday in my family, we love to go out shopping even if we don’t need much or have our Christmas list already together. It’s a tradition to go with my mom and sisters, and sisters-in-law even if it’s in the name of getting that one hot toy item for one niece or nephew. We are committed! Jacob is always happy to let me enjoy waking up crazy early and enjoying the bonding time, and he always finds projects of his own on his day off work. One year I came home to the most perfect pie and when I inquired where it came from, he told me we hadn’t had apple pie with my family that year, and he missed his mom’s apple pie so much he called her and had her walk him through making it from scratch so he could learn. Melt my heart, I swear I’m married to a Hallmark movie sometimes. A Hallmark movie without cheesy lines or bad acting, so I seriously won the lottery.

Speaking of Hallmark movies, you may be like, wait, Camille, you’re posting this in place of a normal date night post this week? Don’t worry friends, this was technically our date night last week. If you watch my Instagram stories you know I didn’t check the closing hours of the date night I planned, dinner went long, and we missed our activity. So we opted for a baking night in the following evening after a fail of a date night and called Jacob teaching me how to bake this glorious thing a romantic night in.

Easy no fail pie crust recipe: how to bake the perfect pie every time!

But back to the important info- the pie! After that fateful Black Friday, we started offering to bake a pie every year no matter where we’re spending Thanksgiving just so Jacob can stay sharp in his baking skills and always have his favorite part of Thanksgiving come together. But we make it year round when asked, so trust me although it’s perfect for Thanksgiving pie, it’s perfect for any pie too. I use this pie crust for chicken pot pie, it works for any type of pie you’re baking, just check baking times on a comparable recipe since it may shift a bit depending what type you’re making. I also love that my mother-law-confided in my last week she made this because butter just tastes better, and she wanted to cut shortening and make a butter only pie that would work and turn out amazing. Bless her butter-loving-heart!

Easy no fail pie crust recipe.

Mom Whiting’s No Fail Pie Crust Recipe:

(Makes 6 pie crusts or 3 double crust pies)

No Fail Pie Crust Ingredients

  • 6 cups flour
  • 1 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 3 cups butter very cold/frozen
  • 1 1/3 cups milk
  • 1 Tbsp cooking oil

Never Fail Pie Crust Directions

Mix flour and salt together
Grate butter into flour a little at a time (make sure it’s frozen!)
Mix in milk and oil (should be barely moist enough to hold it all together). Mix as little as possible
Divide and roll into your crust, or freeze. Be sure to poke holes in the top of the crust to vent should you decide to bake a coverd pie with a top. Fork or spoon pokes are all it takes.

Easy no fail pie crust recipe: how to bake the perfect pie every time!

No Fail Pie Crust Tips:

  1. Use generous flour on the counter to roll. To transfer into pie pan, roll sheet onto rolling-pin and reverse into the pie pan.
  2. The colder the crust, flakier it will be, so try to go with very frozen butter
  3. Once you roll it all out it warms up the butter, if you place the pie crust back in the freezer for a few minutes before baking you’ll get a better result.

Never Fail Flaky Pie Crust Baking Instructions:

Timing can be a bit tricky here and depend on your oven and what filling your using, which is why I’d look up a few similar recipes specifically for that type of pie. But generally speaking, 350 degrees for 35-40 minutes will do the trick. Keep an eye on it so it’s brown and cooked without burning.

Easy no fail pie crust recipe.

But here’s the beauty, did I mention it’s no-fail? We’ve done everything you could to ruin this. The butter wasn’t cool enough, our son too a bite out of the butter stick (why are toddlers so weird?) throwing off the portion slightly, we’ve done higher temps for shorter time following recipes, we’ve done lower for longer, we accidentally put in half wheat flour before realizing we wanted pastry flour, we over mixed, you name it- it still comes out pretty great every time! We always remark to each other Mom Whiting wasn’t kidding, she made a recipe that tastes great that anyone can make. Just do your best to follow the tips and guidelines, and enjoy your perfect, no-fail pie crust!

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