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Roller Derby Date Night

One of those truly unique and fun experiences: a date night at the roller derby! Sharing the rules, how to find your local games, and why the roller derby is the perfect date idea!

Roller Derby Date Night Info:

Date: Women’s Roller Derby Game
Price: About $10 per person if purchased in advance
Location: You can find these anywhere, for Arizona roller derby there are games in Phoenix, Tucson, and Queen Creek
Website: Local Roller Derby website


Date Night at the roller derby

Can I admit that this is one of those unique date ideas that has been on my list forever? I’ve always thought finding roller derby near me and cheering on a team would be such a fun date! It takes only a minute on google to find a local team and find the next game/match up. The Arizona roller derby scene is alive and well, and I was amazed how many options there are and how easy it was to make a roller derby date happen!

Unique date idea: visit the roller derby

Roller Derby Rules

Let me be honest that it took us about half of the game to start to understand roller derby rules. The concept is each team has a jammer who wears a helmet with a star on it. They are trying to lap all the players to get points. Their team is doing everything they can to aid them in getting ahead and lapping others. The opposing team is doing everything they can to stop the other team’s jammer from passing.

This makes for a little roughhousing, a lot of pushing, some aggression, and a lot of really fast skating! Each roller derby player is quite the skilled skater and has a lot to focus on while they speed around the rink. It’s definitely a tough sport, and it’s really fun to watch once you get what’s happening and who is who!

Roller Derby Night- a fun and creative date idea!

What is Roller Derby?

One of the things that make roller derby so fun is the tradition of it all. It was once a more theatrical event, much like wrestling. Players had costumes and creative names. There was a script to follow and set a winner at one point. It really took a pin-up girl culture while still being a hardcore bad-@$$!

The scripts were removed, the sporting side was reintroduced, and roller derby became more of a competition than a theater. But the pin-up culture stuck. Most these girls look like total babes while aggressively playing. They each still have a creative name too. We giggled at the creativity hearing some of the best roller derby names. Miss United Skates, Lord of the Rink, and so many other creative roller derby names are announced.

What is roller derby and why you should attend

We definitely count this as one of the more original date ideas out there, and one of the easiest to make happen! Now that we’ve had one taste, I’m pretty sure we’ll be back for more games and maybe the season playoffs. It’s just one of those fun date ideas you can’t help but smile and cheer through!

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