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Couple’s Tennis Match

Have fun and get fit with a tennis date! Pretend to be one of those tennis couples or show off your skills while enjoying this fun date idea! 

Tennis Date: 

Date Idea: Enjoy being (or pretending to be) a Tennis couple and have a tennis date
Cost: The cost of racquets and tennis balls plus a court rental. All of these can be free if you borrow equipment and use a local part or HOA facility. 
We’ve been trying hard to stay fit this year, and are trying to incorporate more active date ideas into our weekly dates this year. Think about it, staying fit produces endorphins and makes you feel happier, healthier, and sexier- all awesome things to experience together as a couple.
We’re lucky to live in an amazing community with a lot of amenities. Unfortunately, we rarely take advantage of them. We decided the tennis courts less than a block away were a great place to start with a one-on-one couples tennis match.

Tennis Couples 

Confession: I’ve played about twice in my life and Jacob, well, never. We had terrible form, we took a lot of “re-dos” but we had a lot of fun learning together and enjoying the sun and a good sweat running around. Who knew being even the least skilled tennis couple out there would still be such a fun date? 

Couple holding up racquets for a tennis date.

How to pull off a tennis date with a girl/tennis date with a guy

All it takes is a basic understanding of the game, two racquets, some tennis balls, and a court to play on. Don’t let the feeling that you need to be an experienced tennis player to enjoy tennis couples match together. 

Borrow the racquets, book a court at a park. Make learning how to play a part of your tennis date. There are so many books and video tutorials online to help you get started! 

Tennis date with a girl


Tennis date with a guy

Pro Tip: Bring Drinks

We’re already having an unseasonably warm winter, and it scares me what spring and summer will be like here. Regardless, we’re going to stay fit and just watch our hydration levels when we work out outside.

There’s something extra refreshing about preventing and helping with dehydration after a tennis game in the heat. Grab your favorite sports drink or refresher and be ready to enjoy a cold drink together after your game of tennis. 

It was a perfect companion to enjoy as a celebratory drink post tennis match.

Tennis raquets played out with water bottles and tennis balls.

Two water bottles plus two easy-to-use DripDrop powder packets made for a delicious recovery drink.

Active date idea: tennis match for couples


Tennis Date tips

We loved enjoying a fitness date together, and now we’re itching for more! What do you do besides running/walking together with your significant other that we should try next? Or maybe it’s time to consult our 101 active date ideas list to plan our next couples fitness date together. 

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