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Goal Setting Worksheet + The Importance of Goal Setting

The importance of goal setting plus a free goal setting worksheet that walks you through how to set goals by major categories of your life.

This past year we had a date night at home where we took the Gallaps Strengthfinder assessment as a date night. I’ve taken this quiz before, and each time my strongest strength comes up as an achiever. I like to plan, I like to prepare, I like to set goals, and I love checking things off lists! I look at all the major things I’ve accomplished in my life, and I realize they are a result of understanding the importance of goal setting.

The Importance of Goal Setting

Goals help you envision your future, and ways to improve. Study after study shows who write down goals is far more likely to achieve them than those who don’t. Putting a goal on paper helps you bring a vision to reality. What may have only severed as a hope now serves as a reminder of where you’d like to be, and helps you take steps to get there.

Couple sitting down to set goals together.

It’s January, and the season people are making New Year’s Resolutions. It’s the perfect time to pull out a goal-setting worksheet and start with some fresh goals! However, I’m a firm believer that any time is a good time! It’s also important to build in a little bit of flexibility. So if you’re finding this after New Year’s Day, know that the importance of goal setting knows no date!

When I met Jacob we learned we’re both big fans of planning for the future and looking at ways to better ourselves. What made me smile was the day he explained how he sets goals. I listened to his formula only to realize I set them almost identically!

Today, I wanted to set you up with a goal setting worksheet to walk you through this easy way to gather ideas for goal setting, and get a plan in action!

How to set goals

How to Set Goals

So for anyone looking for some guidance on how to set goals, here are our categories to get you started.

First of all, we like to look at four main categories of our lives. Each is worth improving on! From there, strive to set at least one goal in each category. You choose what works for you, but aim to set SMART goals that are attainable, yet also a stretch.

Goal Setting Template

Mental Goals: This includes learning and development.
Mental Goals Examples: Finish a degree, take a class online, pass a professional exam, plan time to learn a skill.

Physical Goals: A way we plan to challenge ourselves physically and/or take better care of our bodies.
Physical Goals Examples: Run a marathon, run a 5k, workout five times a week, weight train weekly. We may also include nutrition or other physical lifestyle changes such as biking to work once a week, eating out less, or walking laps during a lunch break. Goal Setting Worksheet

Spiritual Goals: A regular ritual that brings one closer to God (or their spiritual beliefs)
Spiritual Goals Examples: Read scriptures daily, attend regular church services, our 50 temples project, or meditation practice as a set place and time each day.

Social Goals: Ways to improve our relationships with others.
Social Goals Example: Host a party, plan a girls’ night every other month, spend time with a friend in person each week, or join our 20 dates in 2020 challenge and work on the social aspect of your marriage.

Let me tell you our bonus category we often include too:

Financial Goals: A way to better our finances.
Financial Goals Examples: Paying off (or down) a student loan. Or, getting out of debt. Perhaps saving X-amount of money, or spending less each month.

This past year our church released a youth program asking kids to set goals in categories. When the four were revealed I turned to Jacob and asked if he wondered if someone was peaking over our shoulder on our last New Year’s date. We definitely were kidding, we take zero credit! But it was amazing to hear how the areas of our life we focus on were part of this focus for youth! We clearly think it’s just as important for adults!

But if you’re looking for a goal-setting worksheet for youth, this works well for them too!

Goal Setting Worksheet

Goal Setting Worksheet Free Printable.

You are far more likely to achieve goals when you write them down. Here’s a great explanation of why. This is why a goal setting worksheet with each category is a must! Even if you’re already set goals, I’d highly recommend grabbing a free goal setting worksheet download and putting pen to paper!

We’ve set up a few different templates and styles to get you started.

Goal Setting worksheets

Goal Setting Worksheet List Format

If a list with multiple goals per category is your jam, this format is for you!


Goal Setting Worksheet Abstract Format

If you’re looking for a more free-form option, the abstract format gives you a lot of freedom to choose as many or as few goals with a lot or little amounts of text.

Goal Setting For Couples

Goal Setting for Couples

In a decade together we’ve learned the value of setting goals as a couple. Couple goals help your relationship indefinitely! As you set goals, consider grabbing a couple’s goals worksheet too! I’m a firm believer you can achieve amazing things together if you make a plan!

But we’ve also really tried to keep individual goals too. As great as it is to work together, I really feel it’s important to work on yourself individually. It helps your relationship when you help yourself too! That’s why we’re huge fans of using the Couple’s Goals Template, and also grabbing an individual goal-setting worksheet for you to use too!

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