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Touring the Bodies Revealed Exhibit with all the details and information to make this a really educational and cool date night or family outing learning about the human body.

Bodies Revealed Exhibit Date Night

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Bodies Revealed Date Info:

Date: Bodies Revealed Exhibit Date
Price: $20 per adult
Location: It’s a touring exhibit, so check when Bodies Reveal is in your area
Website: Bodies Revealed Website
We’re pretty big fan of educational date nights. So much so that our first date home from our honeymoon included a trip to the Arizona Science Center to learn a lot about the human body at Bodies the Exhibition.
We felt pretty rushed through that date night, and we vowed if there was ever a body exhibit again we’d be sure to go. When we heard Bodies Revealed is spending some time in Phoenix this summer, we bought tickets immediately!

Science center bodies revealed

Let me tell you a bit about it just in case you’ve never heard of Bodies Revealed or one of the other bodies exhibits.

Bodies Revealed Exhibit

In an effort to help people learn more about the human body, Bodies Revealed and other exhibits tour showcasing plasticized human bodies. Yes, these are real bodies with real bones, organs, etc. They are bodies that were donated to science. Signs are all over noting they were and are treated with respect as they are preserved and plasticized. I’ve also read most come from countries where cremation is the only option. It’s typically a huge honor to donate your body and help with science.

It may sound a little gross or crazy if it’s your first time, but I promise it’s such a tribute to the amazing systems of the body. I learn so much every time I go (this was my third experience) and I’m in awe of how incredible the human body is.

Bodies Revealed exhibit.

Different parts are isolated in different exhibits. Some emphasize bones, some muscles, some internal organs. Even the respiratory system is shown in function. The reproductive organs of both sexes are honored, and it’s really amazing to think about the complex organisms we are!

Bodies Revealed Fetal Development

There’s a one-off area you can opt to go into or avoid to learn about fetal development. You aren’t exactly supposed to take pictures, and I admit I took one there but will save anyone who may not want to see this. I’ve been through them before and sobbed at the babies lost. I’ve been through another and was completely floored at fetal development.

If you didn’t know, I’m super pregnant right now, and this exhibit had a smaller display of development and bodies. It was still pretty incredible to see how one cell turns into a human. I can’t believe all that babies become in only nine months!

Bodies Revealed Arizona Boardwalk.

I did pretty well pregnant. But I did have to look away at a few pieces that didn’t sit well with my queasy stomach. It was also a crazy hot day. We made it through the air conditioning just fine. But, just waiting to redeem our online Bodies Revealed tickets outdoors had me pretty overwhelmed with heat.

I’m determined to enjoy date nights with Jacob sans a baby for as long as we can. Even if I have to sit down or look away now and then.

And I loved watching my little science-brained engineer learn and light up reading interesting facts about each body system. At many art museums, he sits on a bench and patiently waits for me to take in every piece of artwork. This was one time I sat down for a breather and smiled watching him soak in learning so much about human anatomy.

Bodies Revealed Exhibit

If you have the chance, find a Bodies Revealed or other body exhibit. It is well worth the experience for such an intellectual date night!

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