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5 Products That Improve Quality of Life

I had no idea when any of these items were purchased that they’d literally improve my life and help me feel healthier, more productive, and happier. These 5 products improve quality of life, and we highly recommend all of them!

How to Improve Quality of Life with a Few Simple Purchases

Brace yourself for the most obvious post about living in the United States and having a high-quality privileged life post. I know, we’re lucky, we have an amazing standard of living and quality of life. In Arizona, we’re also lucky to have a geographical location that’s always working to improve quality life with more affordable living situations.

Jacob and I both grew up in extremely frugal homes with large families, so we’ve definitely learned to save and spend wisely. And although we’re not that big on owning stuff, there’s been a few things we’ve invested in over the years that have been so worth it! These items we comment daily how they improve quality of life for us.

I wanted to share how to improve quality of life with only a few products, and what they’ve done for us. If you’re looking to make your next wish list, I’d highly recommend investing in the following items because they are literally life changing!
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5 Products That Have Improved Quality of Life for Us
improve quality of life products

  1. Roomba
    We toyed with getting a Roomba robot vacuum with wedding gift cards but ultimately decided that a good traditional vacuum cleaner would better serve us. Ultimately, we decided on a Dyson and for the record, that’s close to the top of the list. We still love it seven years later! But the Roomba happened on a Prime Days event sale and was planned for a Christmas present. When Jacob spent a few months working abroad and I was overwhelmed as a toddler mom. He decided to open it up months early and try it out. My life has never been the same! I wake up every morning to a perfectly vacuumed living room and kitchen. What toddler crumbs? I feel so much more on top of my life. And with the time I used to vacuum or sweep daily, I now dust and declutter. I mentally feel better waking up to a clean house. I feel like I can tackle a lot more from this boost, and I often do! Our whole lives are cleaner and more productive from this one purchase!

    Best Purchases We’ve Made

  1. Vitamix
    I had no idea this blender would change my diet and my health in one fail swoop! Our raw vegan friends recommended this over all other blenders they had tried and told us we’d never look at smoothies the same. I literally have one at least five times a week. I eat so much more produce. Sure it does so many other things too. But roasted veggie soups and smoothies have been enough to help us get our 5-a-day in faster and tastier than anything else! Also, I’ve stayed in much better shape because of this one appliance. I’m so grateful I actually asked for a nice blender for Christmas one year, and my husband went with the Vitamix! I look better, I feel better, and I have this purchase to thank.

    Improving Quality of Life
    products that have improved quality of life

  2. Amazing Sheets
    Most people spend more time in their bed than anywhere else in their house. If you’re getting at least eight hours a night, time adds up fast! Luxury sheets were a wedding present and one we’ve adored! We’ve replaced the same set twice and every time we have to wash these and settle for a lower quality we notice. Good sleep is worth the price tag for amazing sheets! Your entire quality of life improves with the right set.
  3. Amazing Towels
    After spending my entire adult life with cheap towels that shed and barely dried me, we opted to get a new set for our new home a few years ago. Luxury hotel quality towels were on sale, and we’ve never looked back! In fact, we replaced the others instantly and even bought some for our baby to use since they were softer and better than the baby towels we’d purchased. Every day after the shower I know I’ll dry quickly, I’ll have a soft place to land, and I’ll enjoy getting out of the shower even on cold days thanks to my amazing towels.
    Improve quality of life products

    Improvement in Quality of Life

  4. Sonicare Toothbrush
    I had no idea that cavities would be a thing of the past once I invested in one of these, but they have been for me. My teeth are so much more healthy. In addition, they’ve been whiter too. I can’t believe how clean they feel and how the dentist compliments my oral hygiene. Confession, I don’t floss every night like I should, but I give 100% credit to my Sonicare for fooling my dentist into thinking I’m that amazing. We’ve replaced our dual set once in our seven years of marriage, and comment often how amazing these have been for our health.

So there you have it, out of all the products we’ve purchased, these are the ones we talk about the most. I’m sure we’ll have a part II post coming with more of our favorites once we figure out the perfect pillow and invest in a few more high-quality items as we continue into adulthood.

But these five products we swear by, and they can all claim to improve quality of life, based on our experiences!

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